The October 7, 2023 “Hamas” Attack was an Israeli False Flag Attack

The entire Israeli pretext to carry out the ongoing Gaza genocide was based on a well planned and highly calculated false flag terror attack designed to evoke immediate and intense sympathy from the world community of nations.

By Jonas E. Alexis, Senior Editor

Editor’s note: The author of the following article makes some very interesting and historical point. It will be up to you, readers, to examine those points in light of what is actually happening in the Middle East and elsewhere. JEA

False Flag

  1. an attack or other hostile action that obscures the identity of the participants carrying out the action while implicating another group or nation as the perpetrator (often used attributively).Evidence suggests that the covert operation was a false flag. The false flag terrorist attack lured the military into a hasty response.

    First off, let’s be very clear about something: Israel has a long and extremely ugly history of orchestrating false flag attacks (see here) to achieve geopolitical goals. This is undeniable. Israel was founded by and has been led by several men who belonged to terrorist groups. For example, the man who would become the sixth Prime Minster of Israel, Menachem Begin, led the Jewish terrorist group Irgun, which carried out the infamous King David Hotel Bombing. This attack killed 91 innocent people and injured 45, and was set up to implicate Muslims. Much later, in 1974, journalist Russell Warren Howe interviewed Menachem Begin and asked him how it felt to be known as the father of terrorism in the Middle East. Begin abruptly replied, “In the Middle East? In all the world!

    The 1954 Lavon Affair bombings in Egypt were executed by Israel and were also disguised as Muslim terrorist attacks. Here is a description of this bombing campaign, which fortunately was quickly derailed:

    In their 1979 book, The Untold History of Israel, Israeli journalists Jacques Derogy and Hesi Carmel relate that in 1954 Israel’s army intelligence section conceived a plan to attack British personnel seconded to King Hussein’s government in Jordan. The purpose was to sour relations between Britain and Jordan as well as between both Jordan and Britain on the one hand and Egypt, which would be blamed for such attacks.

    Shortly afterward, the same Israeli army intelligence organization activated two networks of Egyptian Jews first established in 1948. These young people had been recruited in Egypt, secretly trained in Israel, and then sent back to their homes in Cairo and Alexandria to await orders to carry out acts of sabotage in case of war between Egypt and Israel.

    Now the networks were to explode small incendiary bombs in American installations in Egypt, presumably to set off a chain of mutual recriminations to spoil the budding Eisenhower-Nasser courtship. After completing their sabotage of American installations, the same networks next were to bomb public places in Cairo and Alexandria, actions that Nasser would attribute to the Muslim Brotherhood, which supported the deposed General Naguib, and thus create a climate of Egyptian instability during the British-Egyptian Canal Zone negotiations.

    In 1967 Israel attacked the USS Liberty with three torpedo boats and several unmarked planes, apparently in an attempt to trick the United States into waging war on Israel’s Arab enemies during the Six Day War. Israel confirmed the ship was American before launching its assault. Israel killed 34 American Sailors and injured 174, but this deliberate attack by our “ally” was swept under the rug by the U.S. government for some reason. Perhaps the American government’s muted response to the Israeli attack had something to do with this: There is evidence that a few years earlier Israel assassinated JFK.

Let’s go back a little further into history. Rich, powerful Jews were involved in starting both world wars and one of their main goals in this was to create an independent Jewish state. They achieved this goal, after a great deal of suffering and death. An estimated 80 million people died in WWII. In 1948 the state of Israel was born. Was it worth it?

Since its birth from the ashes of WWII, Israel has committed serious human rights abuses and horrific war crimes in public view. And Israel is committing heinous war crimes now in Gaza, live, in front of the whole world. So in addition to its rarely-discussed history of false flag attacks, Israel has a lengthy, abhorrent record of criminal violence that is much more widely known.

On September 11th, 2001 Israel once again hit the United States with a false flag attack, and this time it succeeded in tricking the United States into waging war on Israel’s enemies in the Middle East. It is likely that well over a million people have been maimed and killed in the ensuing “Global War on Terror,” which was predicated on the lie that Muslim terrorists carried out 9/11. But of course Israel and parts of the U.S. government were the real culprits.

It is important to understand that these attacks represent only a small sampling of the Israeli false flag attacks that we know about. I am seeing a great deal of evidence now that most or all major terrorist attacks are the work of Western or Israeli intelligence services. These attacks are designed to create fear and anger, to control and manipulate the masses, and to create wars.

That brings us to the October 7 “Hamas” attack on Israel. First of all, where did Hamas really come from? Did you know that Israel helped create Hamas and funds Hamas?:

”Anyone who wants to avoid the creation of the Palestinian state, has to support Hamas and has to transfer money to Hamas. This is what we are doing. This is part of our strategy: to finance Hamas so that there will never be a Palestinian state.”

~Benjamin Netanyahu, March 2019, the Knesset.

Former Shin Bet Deputy Chief Gideon Ezra said about the Son of Hamas, an Israeli spy within Hamas: “there are hundreds of collaborators like him. He is not unusual. He just decided to write a book about it.” The Son of Hamas, an Israeli spy within Hamas, who was also the son of a co-founder of Hamas.

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What do we know so far? We know that powerful Jewish groups helped ignite WWI and WWII. One of their main goals was the creation of Israel. We have seen that Israel has a long, sordid history of creating false flag attacks, including the USS Liberty attack and 9/11, and probably the JFK assassination too. We know that Israel is guilty of committing horrific human rights abuses and war crimes against Palestinians, in plain sight. And now we understand that Israel helped create and funds Hamas, which is described as a Palestinian terrorist group. With all of this in mind, let’s examine the official narrative of the October 7, 2023 “Hamas” terrorist attack on Israel.

According to the official story, during a massive rocket barrage by Hamas, thousands of Hamas terrorists penetrated the most secure, most well-guarded, most technologically-advanced border wall in the world, without any real Israeli military response. Then these terrorists rampaged through Israel for the next 7-8 hours before Israel’s military finally got around to fighting back (there are reports that Netanyahu ordered the military to stand down for seven hours). We are told that this attack took Israel’s world-renown intelligence agencies completely by surprise. Does that really seem plausible?

This story makes no sense. What also makes no sense is that when the Israeli military did finally show up, the troops indiscriminately rocketed and shelled Israeli cars and homes, killing scores of Israelis. There are some estimates that most of the civilian deaths in the attack were caused by the Israeli military. It seems as though the corrupt, criminal, murderous Israeli government had to boost the death toll to create the necessary emotion and outrage for a war on innocent civilians in Gaza—just as the Israelis had to create the necessary emotion and outrage on 9/11 to convince Americans to wage war on Israel’s enemies in the Middle East.

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Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu@SholaMos1

“My God, I didn’t know Israel funded, aided, abetted & by its actions and inactions the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust. Watch this Israeli Minister confirm Netanyahu approved Hamas funding 3wks before Oct 7; Israel had Hamas Oct 7 plans for a whole year & did nothing; IDF didn’t rescue victims (1200) on Oct 7 for 10+hrs & Israel is killing Palestinian civilians knowing they did nothing wrong. It means EVERYTHING Israel has done to Palestinians since Oct 7 – genocide (35000+), famine & ethnic cleansing (1.5m+) is intentional & premeditated. I didn’t think I could be more disgusted by Israel but consider me completely, thoroughly & overwhelmingly disgusted. This is Nazi level evil. The US, UK & EU must have known this & STILL supported this evil. My God.”

Some people might ask the following question: “If the October 7 attack was really a false flag attack by Israel, why haven’t the Media investigated this and told us this?” If you were not aware, the Media are owned and controlled by people belonging to a certain ethno-religious group that is sympathetic to Israel. This is the same reason why the Media never investigated Israel’s involvement in 9/11: These people are all on the same team and they all work together. History is repeating.

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Below is some pertinent commentary on the October 7 attack. I assume the people in the videos are legitimate and are being genuine. If so, they provide more evidence that the October 7 “Hamas” attack was a false flag attack, an attack designed to create a pretext for Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

An Israeli veteran questions the official explanation of the Hamas attack:

Another Israeli veteran casts doubt on the government’s October 7 story:

An Israeli Army veteran questions the official narrative about the October 7th attack:

Another commentator provides his opinion about the Israeli government’s October 7 false flag attack:

Follow-up regarding the problem of the apparently non-existent Israeli hostages:

Former IDF Commander: ISRAELI GOVERNMENT Has Gone Rogue and is Killing It’s Own People


A review of history shows that powerful Jewish interests have been behind the major wars of the last century. Of course Israel’s founding came as a result of the two world wars, and the sympathy generated by the Holocaust story played a large role in Israel’s creation. Since its founding, Israel has committed many blatant and horrific war crimes in full view of the public, and has also engineered many false flag attacks to further its goals, maiming and killing countless innocent people in the process. Israel even managed to create a major, multi-country war from its 9/11 false flag attack, resulting in nearly a million Gentile deaths. “The Jews’ Harvest!” Rabbi Reichorn would surely crow, while sporting a big shit-eating grin.

The October 7 attack fits into this long pattern of Israeli false flag attacks. It clearly provided a pretext to push the Palestinians out of Gaza, which Israel has long wanted to do. The fact that Israel helped create Hamas and funds it is widely-known and is, well, a bit of a red flag. The stand-down of the Israeli military and its devastating attacks on Israeli civilians when it finally responded are inexplicable unless they were part of a purposeful effort to rack up the death count and top off Israel’s victim card. The official narrative of the October 7 Hamas rampage is not accurate or believable. It is clear that this was yet another Israeli false flag attack, set up to make Israel a victim and create a pretext to wage war on Gaza.

Where have we seen this before?

A review of the evidence for the Holocaust indicates that the Jewish narrative about it is not accurate either. The Holocaust story can be described as a false flag narrative.

It is obvious that the Jewish story about the Holocaust has been used to shield Israel from blow-back for its crimes, which is similar to how the October 7 narrative is being used to protect Israel from the consequences for its war on innocents in Gaza. There are reasons to believe that Israel may have finally over-played its victim card, though. Let’s hope so.

The bigger picture is the Jewish supremacist war on the entire world. Exposing Israel’s crimes and waking people up to the Jewish control of our countries is a big part of fighting back, because no one wants to live in-or see their children live in- the tyrannical, nightmarish dystopia that these people are trying to create.

Joe and Jane Sixpack will fight back if they understand what is at stake. So if you think that the material on this substack is legitimate and important, then please share it widely with others.


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