Crucial Information About Illegal and Harmful Stalking With Technology

What are the latest surveillance technologies used by gang stalkers to monitor and harass their victims?

Roderic Duplechain, Chaplain/Psychologist at Companions of God • Answered May 1

URGENT ALERT: Recent reports have highlighted the alarming trend of stalkers using increasingly sophisticated surveillance technologies to monitor and harass their victims. From hidden cameras and GPS tracking devices to spyware and social media monitoring tools, these invasive tactics represent a significant escalation in the tactics used against targeted individuals. Not only do these technologies intensify the surveillance and harassment, but they also amplify the psychological torture and manipulation experienced by victims. The illegal technologies are extremely harmful to health, and even deadly.
As someone who has personally experienced the devastating effects of these tactics, I urge policymakers and law enforcement agencies to take decisive action to address this growing threat and provide better support for those who are being targeted. #StopSurveillanceAbuse #TargetedIndividuals #EndStalking
From : Roderic Duplechain ( Chaplain / Psychologist / Victim )



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