DID YOU KNOW: It is not ILLEGAL for foreigners to vote in U.S. elections?

Kyle Becker

“It’s illegal, you say, for illegal aliens to vote in a federal election. Well, actually it’s not illegal. It turns out Congress passed something in the US code, the federal code, a line that unbeknownst to the rest of us, makes it legal for illegal aliens to vote in federal elections if they believe they are citizens. It’s a state of mind.”

“Did you know that?” Tucker asked.

“We didn’t know that. Most people didn’t know that Catherine Engelbrecht @TruetheVote just found this provision in the US code.”

“We took a deep look at the criminal code and Title 18 left us just gobsmacked because when you read all the way through it, as it lists all of the stipulations against non-citizen voting in federal elections and lays out the penalties, therefore, scroll all the way down to the fine print,” she said.

“And what you read is that non-citizens can vote without penalty if at the time they are voting, they believe themselves to be US citizens.”

“And I’ll tell you what I’m really concerned about, Tucker, is that when we lived through 2020 and we saw the landscape change, lawlessness take hold, we watched on the sidelines and said, surely this can’t be what it looks like is happening.”

“Surely, this move to the mass mail-in ballots and unmonitored drop boxes and third party election workers that have no proper training, surely this can’t be what’s about to play out.”

“Then when it did, you’re left with a scant few days to try to pick up the pieces and prove what really happened. I’m seeing this now play out in 2024 on this issue, much the same.”

“So it’s my hope that we can awaken Americans to this problem and demand accountability before November so that we can decide if citizenship is truly a state of mind.”

Illegal aliens should NOT be allowed to vote in America’s elections. The ONLY way to ensure that U.S. voters are not disenfranchised is through verifiable paper ballots, one-day elections, and voter IDs.

Now here’s the video:


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