Why a deal has been made to install Trump

Mike Adams
Natural News

In today’s Brighteon Broadcast News, I offer my analysis on why I think a deal has been struck to install Trump into the White House.

The primary movers on this deal are Zionist donors, and they’ve had it with Biden’s refusal to ship more weapons to Israel, as well as the resistance against Israel portrayed by Democrats.

That’s why suddenly a huge shift has taken place to back GOP candidates with Zionist money, which is exactly why you’re seeing nearly the entire GOP throw away the First Amendment and call for the craziest, insane things imaginable… such as Sen. Lindsay Graham now saying that Israel should nuke Gaza. Or GOP House members calling for rounding up pro-Palestine protesters and deporting them to Gaza where they can be bombed by the IDF.

Trump is set to be president, but the cost of that will be the end of America’s speech freedoms, the First Amendment and the freedom to think for yourself (especially on campus).

America is about to descend into a fascist, Zionist-controlled police state.

Also today: An unusual interview with a local county candidate in Texas, who I was able to grill (in studio) with questions about collapse preparedness and how to handle the zombie wave fleeing collapsing cities. Check out the interview at the same link above (items usually appear there around noon, central time).



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