ZIONISM: The Khazarian Con Of The Millennium

Defeating Zionism, a global responsibility

Zionists love to capitalize on the Jewish diaspora’s experience of persecution in order to lend some spurious justification to their crimes.

Matteo Gladio
Al Mayadeen
Accusing the Zionists of today of being the new Nazi is neither unfair nor propagandist. Hitler’s insane creed made frequent reference to the need to establish for Nazi Germany its ‘Lebensraum’ or ‘living space’ in Eastern Europe and Russia. The inhabitants of these lands were to be either annihilated or reduced to slavery in the service of the ‘new order’. The language of contemporary Zionism and its insistence on the need to create ‘Eretz Israel’ on Arab and Muslim land is not so very dissimilar and neither are the tactics pursued to attain this end.

Zionism is intent on denying the fact that the Palestinians exist. Everyone remembers Golda Meir’s remark about there being ‘no such thing as Palestinians.’ Just as Arabs can draw comparisons between the horrors of Nazi-occupied Europe and the events today, Zionists love to capitalize on the Jewish diaspora’s experience of persecution in order to lend some spurious justification to their crimes. It is not just that Auschwitz is to be avenged on a people who never heard of that place until after WWII. It is also that, according to the logic of men like Begin, Sharon, Gallant, Lieberman, and Netanyahu, another ‘holocaust’ is to be ‘prevented’ by persecuting the Arabs in general, and the Palestinians in particular.

Of course, it is possible to talk about numbers and say that the events of eighty years ago cannot be compared with those of today. But then Hitler had the singular advantage of being able to do his terrible work in secrecy. The world was unwilling to believe that such crimes could be committed. Zionism today must pursue its strategy in the glare of publicity, and it is noteworthy that this creed, which the UN—before turning into a spineless institution—had the courage to define it as racist, has shown little reluctance of late in pursuing what amounts to a genocidal strategy out in the open. The practice of genocide varies, but the intent is the same. In the Palestinians’ case, they have been marked down for destruction for a generation or more. Inside “Israel”, they are just ‘Arabs’, their identity is denied to them. During the 1980s, when in Beirut, they were considered ‘terrorists’, and their national heritage contained in the Palestinian Research Centre was destroyed. The looting and destruction of this center, as well as the entire educational infrastructure in Gaza today, might not be comparable to the human losses that occurred in Sabra and Shatila in the 1980s or in Khan Younis and Gaza City today, but they nonetheless show the intent to eliminate a people’s trace from history, to annihilate any trace of their past, present, or future presence.

An easy equation

One might ask how it’s possible that the Zionists humiliate one hundred and fifty million Muslims and Arabs, occupy Palestine, expel its people, usurp Egyptian, Jordanian, and Syrian territory, invade Lebanon, and kill tens of thousands of people. How can the Zionists ignore all international community resolutions, which condemn their crimes and reiterate the rights of the Palestinians to return to their homeland? How is it that the Zionists can compel Arab rulers to bow before them, one after another, instead of the opposite occurring?

If we were to follow the minds of American academics, like John Mearsheimer, we would think that a major lobby mysteriously made of Zionist people pushes the US government to make decisions in their favor. We would discover that—believe it or not—it is the American government that is the dumb victim of a skilled lobby, so masterfully capable of manipulating the US government, its banks, and military, and periodically throwing its people and their resources into one war after another against the Arab and Muslim masses. Poor America! But this is far from reality. The fact is that “Israel” is of little significance in comparison with the number, equipment, and resources of the Arab and Muslim masses, as “Israel” could never match their potential.

For all the military successes they are alleged to have scored, the defeats suffered by the Arabs were American in origin. American troops, pilots, destroyers, ammunitions, missiles, and electronic systems were responsible for the Arab setback in 1967. It was they who committed genocidal crimes against the Arabs in Bahr Al Baqar in Egypt, in the West Bank, in Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon, in Khan Younis and Gaza City today. With American weapons, warplanes, and artillery, all Arab capitals were pounded, villages were destroyed, and homes and farms were burnt down. With American economic and military aid, the Zionists invaded Lebanon and destroyed its capital before the eyes of the world. With the same aid, they are now leveling Gaza to the ground. With American support and the UN veto, the Zionists ignore the resolutions of the international community and the UN’s disciplinary measures against “Israel” lose all their effect. The hands of each single US president drip in blood. They never put a stop to the crimes of Zionism and instead preferred to send thousands of weapons, airplanes, and ships loaded with ammunition; the same ammunition that today kills and mutilates people of all ages and from all walks of life in Gaza.

And so, the question then becomes: why is America staunchly supporting the Zionists? The American military, political, and economic support to the Zionists in occupied Palestine is given because they form the forward base for US imperialism in the region. Zionism is central to the execution of American plans of domination; that is, to achieve their aims of controlling destinies and resources, including oil of the Arab region while terrorizing and clobbering its people. American imperialist policies of hegemony and control over the world always relied on the formation and setting up of puppet and clown regimes, such as those in racist South Africa, Jordan, and—of course—the Zionists in Palestine. Therefore, the agreement of American Israeli strategic cooperation reveals the true nature of American policy, which considers the Zionists an existential ally or even one of the American states. This is especially so today since the Americans have discovered that their power in the world is declining and their military is being kicked out of Africa and targeted by the Axis of Resistance.

A war against the poor

When faced by such a Nazi genocidal resurgence, a global responsibility then exists to deal with and defeat Zionism. As long as support is given, the Zionists will be able to persist in asserting that somehow Judaism and Zionism are inseparable. The message that Western governments are giving to their constituencies is clear: they do not stand with them, they stand with “Israel”. They do not listen to people’s concerns, they do not provide them with jobs, medical insurance, or the social services required to live a decent life. However, they are ready to do anything to support their colonial entity and kill as many Palestinians as needed. Supporting Zionism is neither in the American people’s interests nor in the interests of anyone else. The war against Zionism is a war on the side of the poor. Every time the free people of the world stand firmly against Zionism, they are doing a favor to themselves. A better life for a Palestinian is a better life for all of humanity. One cannot be complicit in this carnage. We must elevate ourselves from the moral and political collapse that the West is going through, and Palestine is giving humanity a chance to do so.

What is happening in Palestine is not just about the liberation of Palestine. This struggle is central to the future of the geopolitical order and humanity. It is a military battle indeed, but also a moral, ideological, and spiritual struggle, and everyone who cares about the future of this planet, of their younger generations, cannot stay idle or remain silent when it comes to Palestine.

As for the Arab and Muslim masses, it must be clear that it is their survival as an independent and free people that is at stake. Zionism has shown no reluctance to deal blows at anyone who rises to challenge it. They shoot first, then they ask questions. They blow up hospitals and kill babies inside them, and then they might provide an explanation of why they did so. The Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Yemenis, the Iraqis, and the Iranians have not been and will not be the only victims of Zionism. Zionism is a plague that stains the entire humanity, and only its forceful removal will restore the necessary historical conditions for the Arab and Muslim masses to develop autonomously and away from the yoke of American imperialism.

No peaceful means

What is important to understand for the revolutionary masses of the world, especially Arab and Muslim ones that are under direct Zionist attack, is that the end of such a regime in Palestine cannot be achieved under any circumstances by peaceful means—whether they be exchange visits, statements, encampments, speeches, conferences, or American envoys. We are also sure that the United Nations or the International Court of Justice are unable to do anything, and this will remain so as long as the world is governed by the laws of the American imperialist jungle for the racists have not established their political presence by such means. The Zionists have not come to Palestine by virtue of an agreement, visa, or any other means than by force, and by force alone they will leave. They themselves have turned down the peaceful solutions of allowing them to return to where they came from, i.e., Europe and America.

The end of the Zionist entity is not impossible when the armed struggle acquires its proper form and has its clear vision according to the well-defined revolutionary aims. For these reasons, so much is at stake that the revolutionary masses and free spirits of the world must both expose the new Nazism for what it is and marshal their military and ideological forces to prevent the holocaust that stares at them in the face. So let those who dream, wake up; and let the Arabs stop their oil and money from reaching the US. Let them withdraw their ambassadors from Washington and their huge funds from American banks and financial institutions and let them expel or target American troops and spies in Arab territory.

The equation will not be difficult otherwise, for they will be forced out… and it is already happening.


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