WATCH! WCBS-TV in New York City Allegedly “Hacked” with THREAT TO TRUMP and MAGA on Behalf of UKRAINE!

Hal Turner

Allegations are surfacing on social media claiming WCBS-TV in New York City was “Hacked” by Ukrainian Supporters, threatening Donald Trump and anyone going to his rally in the Bronx yesterday.  Video of the alleged hack, below.

According to social media accounts,. the flagship station of CBS, which is WCBS-TV in New York City, was hacked as shown below:

I don’t know if this allegation is truthful, but if it is – who the heck does Ukraine think it is threatening Trump and MAGA?

Regardless of the Ukraine supporters effort, the Trump Rally in the Bronx was wildly successful.  People of all races, ethnicities, and religions turned out to wildly support the President.

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