Why did the DNC really put the 2 worst candidates on the 2020 ticket who are guaranteed to lose?!

Democrat Party Nominates Biden and Harris
to Ensure Their Own Defeat in Order to
Trigger a Nationwide Race War as
a Prelude to Civil War II

How fitting that these two masked bandits advocate mandatory mask-wearing for the entire nation.

Communist Cabal Totally Hijacks the DNC’s Platform
to Launch a Bolshevik Revolution Before Starting
Civil War 2.0

State of the Nation

There’s a HUGE untold back story regarding the 2020 Democrat POTUS ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The completely taken over DNC knows full well that this political Fric and Frac duo doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell on Election Day.

Which is precisely why such a hardcore feminazi and LGBT Mafia Don Kamala Harris was forced on a clearly dementia-ridden Joe Biden.

November 3rd is not about winning an election for the Democrats; rather, it’s about deeply dividing and conquering the American people. In this manner, a nationwide race war will be started that can be quickly morphed into American Civil War II.

The ultimate goal of the New World Order globalist cabal is, of course, the total collapse of the American Republic. Only in this way will the union of 50 states sufficiently disintegrate so that the once United States of America can be rolled under the rubric of the United Nations.

Kamala Harris: Manchurian Candidate

The only reason Harris is even on the ticket is because of her demagoguery. She’s both a natural and a master of incendiary political rhetoric. There’s no one in the political firmament that’s even close to her firebrand style and fomenter MO. Harris is the quintessential communist agitator.

Not only is Sen. Harris a classic Manchurian Candidate, she was created to be a female Obama, especially where it concerns race-baiting. She has been painstakingly mind-control programmed to pick up where Obama left off after his 2 devastating terms in office especially where it concerned greatly inflamed racial tensions.

KAMALA HARRIS: The Single Most Dangerous
Manchurian Candidate in U.S. History

Exactly how will Harris will be used to foment civil war whether Biden wins or loses? After all, there is the distinct possibility that the Democrats may successfully steal the POTUS election. In either case, however, it’s crucial to understand that Harris was installed to exacerbate the simmering race war by any means possible.

Joe Biden, the Absent Candidate

Not only has Candidate Joe Biden been completely absent throughout this campaign season, whenever he does appear for a few seconds his cryptic utterances betray a man in dire need of memory care accommodations. Some political commentators in Florida on the Left have even opined those accommodations ought to be  padded lockup in Chattahoochee (i.e. Florida State Psychiatric Hospital). How else can the ultra-liberal social justice warriors explain the resurgence of Biden’s naked racism.

What else can be said about Joe Biden at this point except what President Trump stated quite accurately:

“Biden doesn’t even
know he’s alive.”

— President Donald J. Trump

Really, why would the Democrats even nominate such a hopeless basket case unless they planned for a loss that can then be exploited to start a civil war?  With an experienced fire starter like Kamala Harris colluding with Biden to burn down every city in America, whether they win or lose on November 3rd, these 2 traitors to the Republic are MK-Ultra Monarch mind controlled to execute their nation-destroying mission.

Once they commenced with their communist Purple Revolution on November 8th of 2016, the globalists have been scheming for the right moment to ratchet up the violence, rioting, looting and chaos-causing bellicosity. The manufactured race riots of 2020 will soon be escalated into a full-blown race war particularly if Trump wins, but also in the event that Team Biden prevails. Hence, the window from Election Day to Inauguration Day remains the most dangerous and volatile time for this country.

The Joe Biden-Kamala Harris Criminal Conspiracy

State of the Nation
August 17, 2020


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