Did Hunter Biden intentionally torpedo his father’s campaign? If so, why?!

State of the Nation

In light of the recent and highly radioactive revelations contained in Hunter Biden’s emails, there can only be 2 explanations.  Particularly how these emails flesh out the skeleton of BIDENgate, they must be looked at through a different prism.  As follows:

Number 1: Hunter Biden was coerced to leave his laptop at the repair shop so that it could be turned in by the computer repairman.  Of course, the repairman was selected to play his role of whistleblower, which he did.  That Hunter never stopped back to pick up the laptop speaks volumes about his original intention.

Number 2: Hunter, out of filial loyalty to his father, set in motion a series of self-destructive events that would also profoundly affect his dad’s prospects for re-election.  In this scenario, Hunter could see that his overly medicated, dementia-ridden and elderly father was being used to do things against his will for the Democrat Party that were b0th dangerous and often deadly.

There is also a Number 3 scenario which is equally plausible.  Because Number 1 and Number 2 are not mutually exclusive scenarios, it’s quite possible that a Number 3 plot line has been at work which is a combination of them both.  From all the evidence made public thus far, Number 3 may be the most likely of all.

The crucial data point here is that Hunter failed to retrieve his laptop after personally dropped off the computer.  This simple act guaranteed that the remarkably incriminating material would be found and turned into the authorities, which it was.

Then there are the Hunter Biden partners and business associates who are turning against him.  Each of these individuals, it appears, has been flipped by hidden forces who are quite determined to justifiably sink Joe Biden’s boat.

What is seldom, if ever, mentioned is that Joe Biden would be well-served to have his campaign.   Clearly, the former VP is totally incompetent and mentally unfit to function as POTUS much less chief dog catcher.  And the fact that Biden was still nominated by the Democrat Party is a blatant act of elder abuse. See: THE POLITICAL SCANDAL OF THE DECADE

Joe Biden’s wife and children and grandchildren surely know about this ongoing elder abuse and ought to have pulled him out of the race post-haste.  Perhaps that what Hunter just did.

Regardless of what Joe Biden or his family members stood to gain by attaining the presidency, everything changed dramatically in 202o.  The Covid era has created a new normal that no one could have foreseen, not even the Biden Crime Family.  Certainly, the New World Order globalist cabal would never have given Joe any advance warning as he could never be trusted with such privileged insider information about OPERATION COVID-19.

Hence, it’s the studied opinion of this Alt Media platform that Hunter Biden, either acting alone or in concert with other key players, conspired to forever torpedo his father’s 2020 POTUS campaign. See: It really does look like Hunter wrecked his dad’s campaign ON PURPOSE!

Knowing that Kamala Harris is the only reason why they ran with Old Joe in the first place may be another reason why Hunter sabotaged his father’s candidacy.  Who, pray tell, would ever want to see Manchurian Candidate Kamala Harris installed in the Oval Office in such a deceitful manner.  Even her fellow Democrats wholeheartedly rejected her during the primaries.

THE BIDEN DECEPTION—Only the desperate Democrats would try to pull it off

The Hunter Biden story is a lot more complex than meets the eye; it’s also profoundly misunderstood by most and for very good reason.  Hunter is a lot more complicated than anyone knows.  There’s clearly a long and deep Joe-Hunter Biden back story underlying the latest phase of BIDENgate.

State of the Nation
October 22, 2020

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