TRUMPQUAKE! The Greatest Voting Demographic Shift in U.S. History Is Taking Place In Shortest Period of Time Ever


Unless the Democrat Party conspires
with Deep State and the New World
globalist cabal to outright steal
the election, a second term for Donald
Trump is now a forgone conclusion.

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

People, what we are witnessing is the greatest voting demographic shift in an election year — from Democrat to Republican — in U.S. history!

In point of fact, every credible investigative report by political analysts has confirmed what the anecdotal evidence has been telling us all along—voters are downright afraid of a Biden-Harris administration.  And, that many Democrats are [PRIVATELY] switching their votes.

That means all fake mainstream media polling is highly inaccurate on at least 2 counts.  First, the Right rarely answers the polling surveys or answers the phone calls.  For one, Patriots don’t want to be harassed in the Democrat strongholds and blue states and sanctuary cities where much of the polling is performed.

Secondly, there is now a HUGE voting segment of Democrats who will not answer the surveys honestly.  They also do not want to be targeted by the exceedingly aggressive Left.  Hence, many of these smart turncoats to the Biden cause are being miscounted and will either vote Trump or not vote or vote alternative.

KEY POINTS: The DNC has been implementing the most aggressive “vote by mail” and “vote early” campaigns in election history.  They are doing this for at least two reasons.  The mail-ins give them a perfect opportunity to steal the election via the mail-in vote.  It’s even been reported that there are codes on the outside of the envelops which would allow prepositioned individuals at different points of the mailing process to simply discard the Republican votes.  Secondly, the Democrat Party is very nervous about the “Biggest October Surprise of the Third Millennium“—BIDENgate.  Therefore, they want the voting done as soon as possible before even more Democrats change their minds.

Here, take a close look at our short analysis that validates this unprecedented and unparalleled sea change in American election year politics.

Voters are flipping everywhere.

It’s like they’re all trying out for the 1964 TV series “Flipper” ! ! !

Blue states especially are now voting for Trump by the thousands. 

Lifelong registered Democrats are voting GOP for the first time ever.

Red states have become redder than ever.  

Even sanctuary city voters are switching to Trump. 

People in the Democrat-controlled cities hate the anarchy and riots.

Citizens everywhere do not want to “defund the police”.  AntiFa scares the crap out of many long-time Democrats.  So does BLM and their demands for trillions in reparations.

The older Democrats are especially afraid of the violence and lawlessness.  They detest the burning down of American cities.

Even if they keep their Democrat voter registration, the frightened elderly are determined to vote for Trump.

Yes, even liberal bastions like NYC, LA, Chicago, Seattle and San Fran are turning against their Democrat politicians. 

The blue city business owners are really pissed that they’ve been shut down.

Biden’s Covid response scares the sh*t out of most of them.

Also, their employees are afraid—really afraid!  Workers in the Northeast metro areas and on the West Coast don’t think they’ll ever work again.

People everywhere are now hopping mad about the whole face mask charade and social distancing orders and sheltering in place and quarantines and curfews.  Even dyed-in-the-wool liberals are scared to death of a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine.

Because Biden is all in with the CORONAhoax, many leftists who know the truth abandoned him long ago. 

Even progressives in New York, California, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Minnesota are flipping to Trump by the second.

Look it, when labor unions abandon “Crazy Joe” — who was once their biggest hero — by the millions, you know he’s toast.

Not only that, but so are the South Florida Cubanos and Southern Cal Mexicanos.

Even the legal immigrants are fighting mad about all the illegal aliens and undocumented economic immigrants sneaking through the open borders.  After all, the legals lose their jobs every time an illegal will work for less.  

Let’s not forget the massive conversion of the Black faithful to Trumpism by the Blexit Movement led by GOP John the Baptist—Candace Owens.  Should Biden lose the black vote, his political career is over for good.    

Really, once Biden went bananas, he lost every old-fashioned Democrat there was.  Those folks are good people who simply got snookered.  Now they know it!

Biden especially lost the Blue Dog Democrats in the South.  They were already hanging by a thread—now they’re all red!  FOREVER!

By the way, liberal soccer moms, across the USA, are stampeding into Trump’s corner right now faster than you can say “LANDSLIDE”!

The millennials, who have been living in their basements since the 2008 market crash, see Trump as their savior.  They know if Biden wins, the economy will collapse even worse than the current Covid crash.

The Baby Boomers, who frantically want to prevent their retirements from crashing and burning, see Biden as the worse thing that ever happened to their 401Ks, IRAs, Keogh plans and Pension plans.

The older Beat Generation views Biden as the opposite of everything they stand for.  Those diehard political, economic and social reformers started a global revolution to get rid of the hopelessly corrupt Bidens of the world.

Honestly, even the hardcore politicos don’t want Quid Pro Joe in the Oval Office in 2021.  That’s because he and Hunter are giving a real bad name to graft and influence peddling!

Incidentally, there are even some political analysts who think that Kid Pro Quo Hunter flipped on own his dad—FOR REAL! (Did Hunter Biden intentionally torpedo his father’s campaign? If so, why?!)

You know what honest voters really don’t like—a totally rigged election.

You know what American voters especially like—the UNDERDOG!

Well, guess what?  Trump’s the greatest friggin’ underdog in world history!

Especially when the underdog has been harassed and humiliated for 4 straight years do people flip like pancakes!  Some folks will flip just because they want to see the biggest upset ever.

Heck, even some ultra-liberals and extreme leftists with a conscience hate seeing the POTUS beat up day in and day out.   

Don’t think that many folks with full-blown Trump Derangement Syndrome won’t change their votes at the last minute either. They’re afraid for their jobs, their families, their health and their lives.

Even a LOT of techies in Silicon Valley are now voting Trump,  No, the Sultans of Silicon Valley will never do that, but their subjects will in the privacy of a voting booth.

We’re even hearing the rumblings in Hollywood.  The scuttlebutt on the LA street is that actors and directors and producers and screenwriters and grips want to work again.

Then there are the many rich and powerful, wealthy and famous folks who live in the nation’s liberal-run major cities.  The residents of Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue no longer have a life.  Broadway is closed down as are all the ritzy restaurants, high-end shops and fancy stores.  

The power elite domiciled in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica saw their lives and property seriously threatened.  Chicago’s Magnificent Mile looks like a ghost town because of polices set by the Democrat mayors and city councils.  Same for vast swaths of urban business districts across the country.   

Do you think the rich and famous will vote for Biden when their once profitable companies and fast-shrinking livelihoods are on the line?!

Let’s face it, when a once objective poll like FiveThirtyEight preaches the globalist narrative with a vengeance, you know Biden is in VERY serious trouble.  Even pollster Nate Silver’s recent ridiculous comments betrays his shockingly pro-Democrat election agenda, yes?!

In 2020, the voters in the middle, the Independents, the apolitical, the centrists, those not registered with either party—the vast majority of them have already cast their vote for Trump.  The moment Joe Biden was nominated, they knew exactly how to vote.

One last thing: there’s no more important a political preoccupation and hot-button election issue than Law & Order.  Law and Order has always reigned supreme in the realm of American politics.  And so it will in 2020 as it seals a Trump victory.

Look, don’t take our word for it: LOTS of hard evidence is piling up by the hour that points directly to one, and only one, legitimate outcome on Election Day 2020:


CAVEAT: Despite this great news about a Trump win, every Patriot must still get out there and vote.  The Right needs to show up in great numbers as never before.  That’s because the Democrats are absolutely determined to steal the White House.  They are that desperate, even at the risk of getting caught red-handed like the Biden Crime Family did in Ukraine … and China … and Russia….  So please, Patriots, get out there and vote and bring your families to the polling station too.

State of the Nation
October 24, 2020

Editor’s Note: SOTN has made it a mission to catalogue the many ways in which voters are switching their votes from Democrat to Republican in 2020.  Check back here — — to read those many news reports and election analyses.

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