If the U.S. Supreme Court enables the Democrat’s election theft, Civil War II is inevitable!

Submitted by The Armchair Election Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

Let’s be very clear: should the U.S. Supreme Court not overturn the patently false 2020 election result, these once United States of America will be plunged into Civil War 2.0.

Therefore, each of those 9 justices is facing the decision of his or her lifetime.

Should any of them waver in honestly ruling in the interest of justice and fairness and probity, they will pay a price never experienced by a sitting SCOTUS justice.

Let this short missive serve as an unofficial notification to each and every justice that the Patriot Movement will be watching every move they make, every word the utter, every vote they cast, and every decision they take henceforth.

This is not 2020 when the Internet was a mere shadow of it’s current massive and pervasive global profile.

The SCOTUS justices ought to be well aware that President Trump really did win by an overwhelming landslide vote; hence, there are a LOT more angry people on the Right than anyone knows.

In view of the true voting demographics for the 2020 POTUS election, it should be clear to the justices that enabling this outright  election theft makes those who vote to uphold the prematurely declared Biden victory nothing less than criminal co-conspirators.

In other words, any justice who votes to support a bogus Biden win is immediately guilty of colluding with the Democrat, Deep State and NWO globalist perpetrators who carried out this massive nationwide criminal conspiracy.

What else can be said: the heavy burden of upholding the rule of law will fall on the shoulders of 9 justices, as it should.

Therefore, it would be very wise for each of them to carefully consider their final decision, knowing that their decision could be responsible for plunging the nation into civil war, whatever that might look like.

May God bless the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

The Armchair Election Analyst
State of the Nation
November 16, 2020

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