The Magnificent 7: Brave States STAND UP Against 2020 Election Fraud by Sending TRUMP Electors

Historic resistance to obvious election fraud & BOMBSHELL audit in Michigan…

by Kyle Becker

The U.S. election will go down in the history books as one where Democrat swing states held unlawful elections that led to rampant fraud.

A Judge in Michigan today ordered the release of an audit report that solidified my own conclusion from weeks ago that the Democrats stole these elections with Dominion Voting Systems’ “adjudication” process.

The full damning document can be read here.

Russell Ramsland is an election fraud expert who predicted that these kinds of issues were present with America’s voting software before the 2020 election.

Below is a video that was cited by Ramsland’s audit report that shows just how shockingly easy it is for election workers to change votes with “adjudication.”

My reaction to such demonstrations really hit home with Ramsland’s audit report.

The errors that are created by the Dominion Voting Systems software are unbelievably high and violate FEC regulations.

The results of Ramsland’s audit are so damning the judge ordered a hearing on it. In April.

The Election Wizard @Wizard_Predicts

Judge further orders discovery and tentatively schedules a trial for April of 2021.

President Trump had the appropriate reaction to the Antrim County audit report.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

WOW. This report shows massive fraud. Election changing result!

Detroit Free Press @freep

BREAKING: Judge orders release of report examining Antrim County vote tabulators

The astronomical ‘error’ rates were also found in Nevada.

Arizona is authorizing an audit for the Dominion results in Maricopa County.

Cobb County will also have more audit results.

Kyle Becker @kylenabecker

GEORGIA.🗳️ Let me save everyone the suspense: Cobb County audit results will show that the election was corrupt. U.S. media will dismiss the audit results because the candidate that 95% of “journalists” want to win appears to have more votes.

🇺🇸 Crystal Carter 🇺🇸 @CrystalCarterL

🚨 Georgia SoS is conducting a signature audit in #CobbCounty, results will be released in 2 weeks! Why would it take 2 weeks to audit a sample batch of signatures? I’m sure there is more to this story that isn’t being told 🙄

We should have audits everywhere that Dominion Voting Systems software is used, especially Michigan, Arizona and Georgia.

The reasons the 2020 election is a debacle are *not* that hard to understand.

The U.S. press, however, is absolutely ‘out to lunch’ on the election integrity issue.

It’s a glaring issue that demands real journalism and exposure of corruption.

Journalism is about demanding evidence. But most ‘journalists’ are not even interested in seeing it.

How many things have the U.S. press been demonstrably wrong on since 2016?

States like Michigan are engaging in a flagrant and in-your-face cover-up with the complicity of America’s lamestream press.

First, there is the evidence in the Antrim County audit itself.

Second, Michigan’s Sec. of State has ordered a purge of voter fraud evidence.

Third, they threatened lawmakers and canvassers who took issue with the state’s patently fraudulent election process.

Fourth, the State closed the Capitol with the aim of blocking Republicans from sending an alternate slate of Trump Electors.

Michigan’s governor did not succeed in preventing the Electors from being slated.

Kyle Becker @kylenabecker

MICHIGAN.🚨 Michigan Elector *reports* the state is sending a slate of Electors that cast their votes for Donald Trump. The state would join GA, PA & NV in sending a ‘dueling slate of Electors’ to Congress.🔻

Miss Michigan @correctthemedia

UPDATE MICHIGAN: “Today the delegation of 16 Michigan Republican Electors convened to cast their ballots for President Trump and send their pledges to Washington.” -Meshawn Maddock, At Large National Elector (posted on Facebook)

Evidence that the elections were unlawful and fraudulent is so overwhelming that 7 state legislatures have sent a ‘competing set of electors’ for Donald Trump.

Kyle Becker @kylenabecker

GEORGIA.🗳️🚨 The GOP legislature’s nominees for Elector in State of GA have formally cast votes for Trump. This sets up potential “dueling slates of electors.” If VP & US Congress cannot agree on the set of electors, it may go to the SUPREME COURT.🔻

David Shafer @DavidShafer

Because the President’s lawsuit contesting the Georgia election is still pending, the Republican nominees for Presidential Elector met today at noon at the State Capitol today and cast their votes for President and Vice President.

Pennsylvania and then Nevada joined in.

Kyle Becker @kylenabecker

NEVADA.🚨 ANOTHER slate of Electors for Donald Trump is voted upon by a State Legislature. NV joins PA & GA in sending to Congress a “dueling slate of Electors.”🔻

The Election Wizard @Wizard_Predicts

BREAKING: Nevada GOP electors cast ballots for DONALD J. TRUMP.

Even blue New Mexico joined in due to a lawsuit.

Republican Party of New Mexico @NewMexicoGOP

“The President’s lawsuit is valid and necessary” – @NewMexicoGOP Chairman @Pearce4NM

7 states formally voted to send a ‘dueling set of Electors’ to Congress.

I dub these brave state legislatures the Magnificent 7.

Kyle Becker @kylenabecker

The Magnificent 7. Americans who value election integrity applaud you.🔻

My intepretation of the dueling Electors process can be found here, but I encourage people to do their own research because we’re heading into arcane territory.

Ultimately, this is the safe conclusion we can make about the 2020 election.

And if you work in the media and ignore all the evidence of voter fraud and unlawful elections and are silent about it, I have only one thing to say to you:

Kyle Becker @kylenabecker

Speak up or history will condemn you by your silence.

It is hard to say what has been more disgraceful: The election fraud that certainly happened in the 2020 election or the Corrupt Media’s despicable complicity.


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