Multiple US Senators Will Contest the Electoral College Vote on January 6th. (Video)

Sen. Rick Scott to Newsmax TV: We’ll See What Happens With Electors Jan. 6

By Charlie McCarthy | NEWSMAX


Senate Republicans will continue to monitor alleged election fraud before Congress counts Electoral College votes on Jan. 6, according to Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., on Newsmax TV.

Asked if he would be willing to join a House member in objecting to the Electoral College vote, Scott was noncommittal when answering host Greg Kelly on Wednesday night’s “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“We’ll see,” said Scott, a member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that met earlier in the day. “I think today was an important day. I think Chairman [Sen.] Ron Johnson [R-Wis.] did a good job. He held an important hearing today. We heard from [former independent counsel] Ken Starr and then we heard from some individuals that gave us some information about what was going on in a couple of these states, what happened in Wisconsin and what happened in Nevada.”

Rep. Moe Brooks, R-Ala., said Monday he plans to challenge the certification of the Electoral College votes on Jan. 6 when the Senate and the House of Representatives meet in a joint session. At least one senator must join Brooks to force a vote on the matter. Will Scott or another Republican join the congressman?

“I think all of us are in the same position,” Scott said. “What we’re doing is we’re trying to get as much information as possible. We’re going to continue to watch what’s going on. We’re going to continue to listen about the fraud. We know there was a lot of fraud. If you remember in the beginning, the Democrats would say there was no fraud. Now they’re saying well, there’s not enough fraud.”

Scott, himself, went through a long process before securing his victory against Democrat opponent Bill Nelson two years ago.

“[Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer, [D-N.Y.], after I won the race by 54,000 votes, sent a lawyer up who said, ‘I really don’t care what the votes are. We’re going to win in the courts,'” Scott said. “I had a thousand lawyers, I went through two recounts. We had to remove two supervisor of elections because of the irregularities that happened. They found 95,000 ballots illegal after election night. So, we’ve got to get the facts. We got to understand exactly what happened here. We want to make sure this election and all future elections are fair.”


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