Why did Delta Force really raid Biden’s Compound in Ukraine?

Delta Force Raids Biden Compound in Ukraine

By realrawnews

During the predawn hours on New Year’s Day, Delta Force operators infiltrated a Biden-controlled stronghold in southeast Ukraine near the port city of Mariupol, according to an anonymous White House Source who said President Trump greenlit the operation following a series of telephone calls to US military commanders and to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

A Delta detachment, known as 1-SFOD in the Special Operations community, flew from Okinawa Japan to the US Embassy in Kyiv and held position there until Trump cleared the incursion with his Ukrainian counterparts.

Reliable sources said the Trump administration had obtained “credible evidence” that the Biden family, by proxy, owned a 200-acre estate and office building 50km northwest of Mariupol. On paper the property was owned by Paradigm Global Advisors, a hedge fund firm in which the Bidens have controlling interest. In the late summer of 2006 Joe Biden’s son Hunter and Joe’s younger brother, James, bought the firm. On the first day on the job, they showed up with Biden’s other son, Beau, and three large men and fired Paradigm’s president and 95% of staff, according to a Paradigm executive who was present.  After that, much of Paradigm’s overseas ventures went dark but continued to rake in hefty profits despite a conspicuous lack of investors.

In June 2009 Washington Free Beacon writer Thomas Breslin opined the following statement: “Paradigm is hardly a reputable company. The Bidens fired everyone and put their own people in place. The company became nothing less than a slush fund for illicit monies that the Bidens laundered through the place.”

The Trump administration has spent four years ferreting out the truth behind Paradigm Global Advisors, according to our White House informant.

“After years of digging, Trump finally caught a break. A current Paradigm employee—someone the Biden’s fucked over—came forward with enough evidence for Trump to make this move. I don’t know what specific evidence was presented, but it must have been some heavy-hitting stuff for Trump to call on Delta to take care of it.”

At 3am on New Year’s Day, three Blackhawk helicopters, including decoy aircraft, airlifted Delta from Kyiv to the drop zone. The team found the office building empty, devoid of life.  The unit commander described the building as “frigid,” as if it had been vacant and without heat for a long time.

“The windows were covered in a hoarfrost glaze, and the place had a catacomb chill about it,” he was quoted as saying. “Every office had been stripped—no chairs, no desks, no computers, no nothing. No electricity.”

Although the building was long deserted, Delta found evidence of recent activity within the hacienda attached to the compound. In a kitchen were freshly chopped vegetables and a percolator of lukewarm coffee. Outside, fresh tire impressions led away from the compound. It was as if someone had tipped off the occupants.

But in the hacienda Delta hit paydirt. They seized several laptops and 300 million dollars in gold bullion. They also found crates of Chinese-manufactured Type 56 assault rifles and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. Even more disturbing, they found beneath the hacienda a maze of chambers and tunnels that ran for miles in every direction. Ankle and wrist shackles, bolted to the walls in various locations, held bits of necrotic flesh, and in an antechamber, they discovered twelve duffel bags filled with black tar heroin.

On Trump’s order, Delta coordinated with Ukraine’s SBU, that nation’s security agency in counterintelligence and combatting terrorism, to confiscate evidence and await the arrival of State Department personnel.

This is a developing story and will be updated as is appropriate.




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