FOR SHAME ! ! ! U.S. Congress Now Lies In Ruins

State of the Nation

The United States House of Representatives under the Democrat leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi has just committed yet another odious crime against the American people and unforgivable act of corruption against the Republic.

With the second impeachment of President Trump, the Democrat traitors and RINO turncoats have distinguished themselves as the most treacherous and perfidious, despicable and contemptible Congress in US history.

These swamp creatures have sullied The Capitol Building with their offensive stench for far too long.  The level of their corruption and criminality has reached a point that the swamp inside the Beltway must be drained before it contaminates the rest of the country.

What most folks do not understand is that President Trump was impeached because of his courage to loudly proclaim the truth that the 2020 election was outright stolen by Democrat Party.  To lay bare the sins of an incorrigible communist cabal of criminally insane psychopaths is to invite piles of unwarranted persecution and prosecution. 

Not only that, Trump recited just a few cases of the rampant vote-switching, ballot fraud, cyber crimes and election rigging during his speech at The Ellipse on Jan. 6.  That was his crime: to speak the raw truth in the shadow of the Capitol while the Electoral College votes were being objected to during the Joint Session of Congress.

Everyone knows that AntiFa terrorists and BLM mercenaries were planted at the Capitol Building on Jan. 6th.  They also know that it was the Capitol Police who allowed the protesters into the building.

The whole storming of the Capitol was staged explicitly as a false flag operation so the dramatic and orchestrated aftermath could be used to impeach President Trump a second time.  Which they just did.

So, how did we get from that reality of an choreographed riot by Deep State … … … to blaming Trump for everything that happened ‘wrong’ on January 6th..

If they really thought they could get away with it, the Democrats would still blame Trump for stealing the POTUS election, even though Biden is set to be inaugurated. Yes, that’s how much “collective madness” now reigns among the globalist-controlled political class in Washington, D.C.  And only this psychohistorical perspective will cast the necessary light on how we got here: There’s a treasonous plot afoot to completely destroy Trump and Patriot Movement.

State of the Nation
January 13, 2021

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