The Power Elite Declares All-Out
War Against the American People

The Armchair Political Analyst

Don’t be misled by what you see in D.C.

It’s not a security lockdown to keep Patriots away from the installation of imposter Joe Biden as POTUS.

What you see is the new normal in our nation’s capital: MARTIAL LAW. (Ed. Note: The Extreme Militarization of D.C. is not just for the Inauguration, it’s the New Normal!)

Actually, it’s MARTIAL LAW by stealth.

From January 20th forward, the USA will undergo a slow-motion transition to MARTIAL LAW.  But no one will know it.  And the media will not report it.

Biden-Harris will never declare it … unless they run a series of false flag attacks to justify it.

Make no mistake, the globalist-engineered events of 2020 were all prep for THE GREAT LOCKDOWN of 2021.

As Joe Biden called it: “A Very Dark Winter”.

Let’s first review 2020.




Now The Powers That Be (TPTB) will really put these three cataclysms to work in 2021.

How so?

First, it’s all about the raging class war between the 1% and 99% that very few are talking about.

That’s because of the countless seeds of conflict sown by “hidden controllers” to divide and rule the populace.

TPTB have used this divide and conquer strategy for eons.

However, now that we know their Ordo ab Chao game, AND WE DO, they have no choice but to lock US down.

But they are doing it incrementally … covertly … imperceptibly.

Of course, many smart Patriots now know what’s going on before the perps even do anything.

That’s their real problem!

They have lost the element of surprise and cover-up, and both are essential to their running veiled tyranny…soon to become a totalitarian communist regime.

The Internet is now a powerful weapon that’s being used against the wealthy elites.

So, TPTB feel they have no choice.

By the way, they don’t!

We the People are coming after them sooner than later … and TPTB know it.

Remember, the elites have a LOT to lose.

And, the more they have, the more FEAR they have about losing it.

Not only that, they really do fear for their lives for the first time ever.

They know that “torches and pitchforks” are coming.

And, that angry citizens will eventually burn down every globalist institution of oppression in the world.

The globalists also know that their New World Order agenda hinges on the collapse of the American Republic.

Which is why Biden predicted “A Very Dark Winter”.

Team Biden-Harris were selected to make sure it’s “A Very Dark Winter”.

As well as a very dark year for all of 2021.

After all, their seditious communist takeover in nearly complete.

By usurping all three branches of the U.S. Federal Government, the Democrats have already succeeded in overthrowing the Republic, after they deposed President Trump.

They may not even have to run their planned bolshevik revolution since their many treasonous schemes have been executed so successfully.

What the American people can now look forward to is a Biden Harris administration that will accomplish everything Hillary Clinton was supposed to do.

Now that the Republican Party is undergoing a controlled demolition, the Democrats can rule by diktat.

Manchurian Mitch was chosen to destroy the GOP, which he’s doing in real time.

President Trump will be banned forever from American politics … if not from U.S. soil.

The Patriot Movement will be outlawed just as Trump rallies already are.

Anyone who has a nationalist profile will have a social credit score that will marginalize him or her to the far fringes of society.

Every conservative will be banned from the US Government, Corporate America, Academia, Scientific Research and Civil Society.

Wait, it gets worse … MUCH worse!

But before we go there, let’s look at who’s really behind this ongoing Maoist Cultural Revolution in America.

We know that the banksters took over the USA with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

We also know that the Khazarian Mafia has controlled every bankster operation in creation since the beginning of time.

So the $64000 question is: Who controls the Khazarian Mafia?

Until We the People apprehend the true urgency of that all-important question… … …

And then come up with the right answer … … …

Life in America will soon become like Red China and the Soviet Union during the 20th century.

Which really means there’s only a spiritual solution to this [SATANIC] predicament.

Think about it.

And then put your hands together and pray like there’s no tomorrow.

Because if you don’t, there won’t be a tomorrow for the American people … or any other country on Earth.

People, it’s time to rise up like never before, before it’s impossible to rise up.

Every Patriot MUST do the following in 2021:

Take Back Your Power.

Stand In Your Own Truth.

Speak That Truth To Power.

Combined with prayer, faith and courage, this divine formula is the only way out.

It’s really THE ONLY WAY OUT of this CCP-directed communist mess.

Now, let’s get busy taking back our country from those who stole it; their frontmen are soon to occupy the Oval Office at 12 noon today.

SOTN Editor’s Note: *The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was created, and has always been completely controlled, by the same Khazarian Mafia-controlled banksters who unlawfully established the U.S. Federal Reserve System, Central Banking Cartel and International Banking Crime Syndicate.

State of the Nation
January 20, 2021

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