The Covid-19 UK Vaccine Network Scandal & The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Gates Foundation and the Covid-19 UK Vaccine Network Scandal

The scandal involving the UK government and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation takes an even more sinister turn into the darkness of corruption, racketeering and crimes against humanity with the announcement of the UK Vaccine Network.

The UK Vaccine Network appears, on the surface, to bring together industry, academia, and relevant funding bodies in an impartial group, to discuss the way forward in developing a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus.

However, the grim truth is that UK Vaccine Network appears to be nothing more than a smokescreen created by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO, GlaxoSmithKline and the British Government to greenlight a deal that has already been done behind closed doors.

As I looked at the list of members involved in the UK Vaccine Network, it became clear that the group is simply a box ticking exercise so that the Government can say there has been some due process in selecting GlaxoSmithKline and the Gates Foundation or one of Gate’s affiliated organizations, institutions or companies to produce the vaccine such as Mologic, who produces the covid-19 test.

Bill Gates along with his partners GlaxoSmithKline have been in business together for some time now and in fact, Emma Walmsley the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline is on the board of Microsoft sitting apparently next to Bill Gates, make of that what you will.

Bill Gates creates The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation acting as a Philanthropist and gives money with one hand but then reaps profits through Microsoft and his other companies such as Mologic, who is responsible for producing the Covid-19 test, who Gates funds and supports, with the other hand.

The reason why people haven’t been tested for Covid-19 isn’t because a test isn’t available but because it’s being delivered by one company, Mologic, which the Department of Health and Social Care gave a £500,000 grant to help set up. The company was already being funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited them back on the 6th March 2020.

To put this into perspective the testing kit will cost around £225 – £250 to the NHS. Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, and former GlaxoSmithKline President, Professor Patrick Valance now Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, have already stated that they want everyone in the country tested.

This means with a population of 65 million people Mologic, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded company, stands to make in excess of £13 billion pounds just from the test alone.

Is this beginning to make sense now?

So, over the past decade, Bill Gates has successfully infiltrated scientific institutions with his money buying them off one at a time and giving out in excess of an estimated £1 billion in grants to scientists to fund their projects.

It appeared on the surface that the multi-billionaire Bill Gates was being philanthropic with his fortune; the world couldn’t have been more wrong.

Bill Gates philanthropy was always about buying people, influence, and organizations from The World Health Organisation, to Chris Whitty the Government’s Chief Medical Officer who is about to be appointed to the Executive Board of the WHO in May 2020, in order to push the Bill Gates agenda through the UK.

He has bought the scientists from prestigious universities and institutions to private laboratories across the country, who’ve clambered for Gate’s money like piglets suckling milk from their mother. Philanthropy isn’t philanthropic when you stand to benefit economically, that’s called investing.

Bill Gates has invested well over a billion pounds over the years in funding grants and scientific projects in order to take control of the vaccine industry in the UK.

What Bill Gates has done through his foundation is, in effect, backed every horse in the Grand National or the Kentucky Derby, so that he cannot lose. The Sicilian Mafia did the same thing but when they did it, we called racketeering.

All that Gates had to do was wait, knowing what was coming around the corner from China. How did he know?

He even told everyone in his now infamous Ted talk about the coming pandemic in detail. So Bill Gates was fully aware that a Coronavirus was being unleashed on an unsuspecting and unprepared world.

To think otherwise is simply naïve and Bill Gates should be being investigated for his involvement in the biological warfare attack on this country, if not the world.

The idea of a vaccine panel came from the World Health Organisation, which was instructed by Bill Gates, their biggest funder.

The vaccine is to be sold at £477per injection if Bill Gates and GlaxoSmithKline aren’t stopped they stand to make from the UK alone in excess of £45 billion pounds.

So when the Government’s scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance announced the UK Vaccine Network members, our worst fears were realized.

Remember Sir Patrick Vallance was up until 2018 the President of Research and Development at GlaxoSmithKline before taking up his post as Chief Scientific Advisor for the UK government. According to GlaxoSmithKline he still has a vested interest and stands to make millions from the production of a national and worldwide vaccine.

So as Sir Patrick Vallance was attempting to convince the public on television about the efficacy of his vaccine panel, I glanced down the list of 34 member’s names.

Immediately, a few names jumped out at me that I had already discovered being in the pay and or involved in The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation whilst they were in government departments, mainly receiving grants for projects.

Such as Ian Hudson who was Chief Executive Officer for the MHRA, which is the medicines, regulator for the UK Government. He had received £980,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Ian Hudson and colleagues had also gone on trips to Seattle, paid for by the Gates Foundation and Gates Foundation. Officials met with the MHRA on a regular basis in the UK, paid for by the UK taxpayer.

Ian Hudson then subsequently left the MHRA and joined the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a Special Advisor arranging another grant to the MHRA’s new CEO Dr June Rainefor £292,000 for projects from the Gates Foundation.

Dr. June Raine met with Bill Gates and the WHO just before taking over as CEO of the MHRA paid for by the UK taxpayer. The meeting was to ensure that she was on board with the program.

Public records show that she stayed at the Hotel Cornavin, her airfare cost £241.14, her accommodation and meals cost £273.97 in total the UK taxpayer spent £515.11 on Dr. Junes Raines secret trip to meet with the Gates Foundation and WHO.

We knew that the Gates Foundation was buying influence in the MHRA regulator, which is a government department.

Dr Dan Hartman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in relation to the MHRA project said, “When a new medicine or vaccine is being used it is critical that potential risks are identified early and understood.”

In other words, their funding has given them access to the medical regulator to find out if their vaccines harm people before the public can be made aware of it. I guess that what £980,000 buys you from our government.

So, I decided that I would go down the list of members to the UK Vaccine Network and see how many are connected to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

It turns out that out of the 34 members, 32 were directly funded and have an ongoing financial relationship with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The only two people who have nothing to do with Bill Gates work for the Defence Science & Technology Lab, our equivalent to America’s DARPA, but their boss is Sir Patrick Valance, so they are under the control of GSK.

The amounts of money that Bill Gates has given are significant – for example; Adrian Hill, who began as a critic of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, especially when it came to his own research and R21 vaccine. All of a sudden he is given £10million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for his research and suddenly he’s singing Bill’s praises.

Andrew Pollard received £36.9million, Eleanor Riley had a whopping £50million, the UK Government’s Department of Health and Social Care received £80 million and the list goes on and on. Some people receiving as little as a million.

The Pirbright Institute, the MHRA medicines regulator, Medical Research Council, London School of Hygiene, and Tropical Medicine all receive regular funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with Oxford’s Imperial Collage, Sheffield University. The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, St Georges University, London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine all are in receipt of regular Gates foundation funding and are represented on the Vaccine panel.

There isn’t any scientist on the list that isn’t funded or has received grants from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which means the UK Vaccine Network, has no actual impartiality or credibility whatsoever.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been the cash cow that has simply never stopped giving.

None of these scientists ever wondered why they were given money so easily? The institutions never wondered why Bill Gates was throwing his money at them? Maybe they did question it, but then didn’t care?

As for Bill Gates relationship with GlaxoSmithKline, insiders have described the business relationship between Bill Gates and Emma Walmsley, CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, as Hitler and Himmler on steroids.

But look, if you had a legitimate business interest you wouldn’t need to pay off the entire scientific community involved with vaccines, epidemiology and virology. Surely the most capable and best companies should be award the contracts based on their safety record and skills in producing a viable vaccine.

£45 billion from the UK alone is a lot of motive

Just imagine when this Bill Gates vaccine is rolled out across the 450 million people across Europe, they will make gazillions. Yes, it is a word for a very large amount of money!

I have learned from GlaxoSmithKline that all vaccines are to contain an antigen called HCG. The HCG antigen is used in anti-fertility vaccines.

There will also be a concoction of other drugs and heavy metals to be included which I will get more details on later. It appears that not only will the GSK vaccine cause new strains of cancers to appear around 7 to 10 years after administration but also all women of childbearing age will be sterilized by it.

Microsoft founded by Bill Gates is to handle the entire computer monitoring and tracking of the vaccines. My insider says they are talking about adding the electronic tag to the vaccine like a marker.

Whilst this might seem incredible Bill Gates and GSK have already done this. In India, a group of tribal village girls died. They were unwittingly part of the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine trial.

The trial was being conducted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with the vaccine supplied by GlaxoSmithKline and Merck Sharpe & Dohme pharmaceuticals.

It was estimated that 30,000 doses had been given out to girls aged between 9-14 years old.

None of the girls involved had consented and certainly had not consented to be used as human lab rats, which would ultimately lead to their deaths.

In fact, nobody from the tribes spoke English and neither did the people hired to administer the vaccine, so they didn’t know what was in it, so informed consent was impossible.

The case is currently ongoing in India and a committee has been set up to investigate.

So while Bill Gates gets unprecedented access to British citizens via BBC television he is being investigated for crimes against humanity and murder of girls in India.

It appears, that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is about to do exactly the same thing here in the UK and test its new Covid-19 vaccine on an unsuspecting British public. The UK Vaccine Network working groups, who will be the fall guys when all this fails, will sign off on the vaccine.

In the UK the right to consent is not absolute

Informed consent is required for all medical investigations and procedures and is considered a cornerstone of modern medicine.

The legal framework states that medical intervention without valid informed consent is a criminal offence and can be charged as battery.

Examples of such situations include treatment against the will of the patient, different treatment to the one consented to and treatment after consenting where the patient has deliberately been given the wrong information.

There are of course of a few exceptions such as minors and people who are permanently incapacitated, then either parents or next of kin can give consent, or in extreme cases a Judge will get involved and the case is taken to court in order for consent to be granted.

However, when it comes to protecting the public against infectious diseases it all goes out of the window.

In order to protect the public, the public health act 1984 regulates the notification of diseases and mandatory treatment of conditions like tuberculosis (TB) and the new Covid-19 virus.

The individual’s right to consent is severely restricted in two areas. Firstly, information about the patient’s diagnosis has to be given to the relevant authorities. So that’s a direct breach of confidentiality, however the law does state that the patient should be informed of this.

Secondly, patients suffering from communicable diseases can be forced to take medication by supervised administration or involuntarily in-patient treatment.

Sections 37 and 38 of the Public Health Act 1984 have been used to detain a man for in-patient treatment of TB against his will at North Manchester General Hospital. The act was used to prevent the spread of the disease.

So any idea people have of informed consent or about rejecting a Covid-19 vaccine is wrong. When it comes to communicable diseases you have no rights. The British public will be turned into lab rats testing an untested vaccine, which usually takes

5-10 years of testing both on animals and human.

If we are to have a rushed untested vaccine, then surely we must be given the right to informed consent?

Make no mistake what Bill Gates and GlaxoSmithKline are about to do, will be in the future seen as Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity. According to the United Nations own definitions they all ready fit the bill, no pun intended.

As for Chris Whitty,our Chief Medical Officer, and Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Advisor, they have committed treason by following the orders of a foreign power. In this case Bill Gates, GSK, and the World Health Organisation, which is controlled by China and funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

According to the Treason Act of 1351…it is treason for government officials to form conspiracies to usurp by force and in defiance of the authority of Parliament, the government of the Kingdom, to destroy its constitution and in so doing to destroy the Monarchy…holding consultations or entering into agreement, or advising, soliciting or persuading others for any such purposes, or assenting to such purposes…the moment the power of the government is usurped, the King is in affect deposed…

It is clear now that our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has been told to sit on hands until this is over by Bill Gates, who allegedly spoke with him while Boris was in “hospital”.

Two unelected officials, Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance are now running the country and not the elected Cabinet. In doing so they have usurped Parliament and placed the population under house arrest on the orders of Bill Gates.

Parliament needs to be recalled immediately, our Prime Minister Boris Johnson needs to take control of this situation and we need a public inquiry into the activities of Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GSK and the WHO, as a matter of urgency.

The UK Vaccine Network should be immediately suspended pending a full investigation of the participants. Most importantly no vaccines should be produced until we have assurances from our elected Government that no Bill Gates companies or affiliations will be involved with the manufacture and or delivery of any vaccine.

My only hope is that those scientists who have a conscience,resign from the UK Vaccine panel, are unwilling to be apart of the coming genocide of the UK population, which will be called The New Holocaust of the 21stCentury.

Have we learned nothing from history?

The Queen’s company The Pirbright Institute holds U.S. Patent No. 10,130,701 on CORONAVIRUS. Pirbright tracks back to SERCO Group Plc and QinetiQ Group Plc, which both have contracts with the U.S. Patent Office. Outrageously, SERCO essentially runs the U.S. Patent Office (under the Commerce Department) patent application process! This “inequitable conduct” in patent legal terms is fraud and invalidates the claim while the world fights this British-American Pilgrims Society-inspired emerging pandemic, in our opinion. See THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE, Co. No. 00559784. (Jan. 07, 1956). Certificate of Incorporation and related records. Companies House (UK).


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