In other words, if you’re a good boy and girl and get your Covid jab, you can take off your mask.

Otherwise, you wear a mask for the rest of your life and everyone knows you as a dangerous vax denier and superspreader.

State of the Nation

Isn’t this exactly where the CORONAhoax perps are pushing the American people?

Are they not trying to stampede the US citizenry into the pen of maximum Covid vaccine compliance?

Every deceitful move, maneuver and machination of this psyop has been carried out to drive the populace into cattle cars destined for strategically located vaccination sites.

The Coviteers are also determined to corral the sheeple into a new annual vaccination regimen, where everyone gets their 2 or 3 boosters of COVID-19 vaccine every year going forward.


While the strategy driving OPERATION JAB AMERICA changes week to week, the goal always remains the same to inject every American by the end of 2021.

Big Pharma has been running the Super Vaccination Agenda on the American people since the first vaccines were developed; however, that wicked agenda has been put on super steroids during the Covid era.

Clearly, there is a level of sheer desperation driving the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda that betrays the true intentions of the New World Order globalist cabal.

It’s as though their success to vax every person on planet Earth is a live and death project… … … for them and for US, depending on who wins this final battle in this last war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness.

The grim reality for those behind OPERATION JAB AMERICA is that they are in a very serious race with time.

In fact, things are now so serious for these genocidal co-conspirators that they know they cannot fail and must stay on top.

The perpetrators of this COVID CON went way too far, way too fast.  In so doing, they have exposed the whole bloody enterprise going back millennia.

Because so many folks are now waking up to this rapidly unfolding ELE, the pushback is getting faster and more furious by the month.


After all, when people everywhere understand that the entire planetary civilization is under dire threat, they will naturally react with their self-preservation instincts.

That means the power elite, who either perpetrated or facilitated this killer vaccine-intensified ELE, will end up in the crosshairs of every non-vaxxer, truth seeker and Patriot in the USA.

KEY POINT: Does the Covid “divide and rule” strategy get any more graphic than this? Only the Western capital city of the Khazarian SuperMob would ever permit such divisive and discriminatory Covid policies.


Biden’s new unenforceable rule, along with the CDC’s most recent guidance, spells it all out.

BIDEN RULE! ‘Get Vaccinated Or Wear A Mask Until You Do’

Now the question remains: How many folks will wake up to the very sinister secret plot that’s driving the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda?

Were the American people to comprehend the true depth and breadth of this Covid shot black operation, they would arm and ammo up so fast The Powers That Be would be forced to vacate the planet.

Likewise, if folks were aware of just how harmful “Vax or Mask” psyop really is, they would………..

Just how dangerous and deadly is OPERATION JAB AMERICA?  As follows:

FUNVAX: Globalist Plot to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine
Exposes Shocking Satanic Conspiracy

State of the Nation
May 16, 2021


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