PRESS RELEASE July 4, 2021

Paris, (France) July 3, 2021.

Under the aegis of the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance, scientists, lawyers, intellectuals, health professionals, officials and citizens unanimously adopted the creation of an International Citizen Inquiry Commission in Paris and by teleconference during of the 1 st meeting of the International and French Scientific Council for the evaluation of the COVID-19 policy.

One of the main vocations is to bring together expertise, experience, know-how and know-how to the various existing movements that have emerged during this health crisis and to provide concrete health and strategic solutions, both scientific, legal, security (military?) And Politics ; in the field with and for the population.

Experts from various fields and speakers from the audience present on site or by teleconference, took the floor to establish event reports around COVID-19 and to highlight the circumstances and consequences of the events observed in 2020 and 2021 to date. Concrete proposals have thus been drawn up by this International Commission. Following the scientific, socio-economic, political and legal findings established and the non-justification of the emergency law and the forced and organized campaign of an experimental vaccination that is dangerous and undoubtedly fatal for many human beings, the assembly asks the immediate end of any vaccination campaign in France and around the world. The International Citizen Inquiry Commission unanimously established,

The meeting was chaired by Jean-Pierre Eudier (retired dental surgeon, Luxembourg), Gregory-Paul Martin (Author, Great Britain), Astrid Stuckelberger (international scientist, CH) with the participation of Virginie de Araujo -Recchia (Lawyer, FR), representatives of France, Israel, Quebec, Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, the Pays de la Savoie, and the Anglo-Saxon world, etc. ?

This meeting followed the eagerly awaited General Assembly of the National League for the Freedom of Vaccinations in France, chaired by Dr Jean-Pierre Eudier. The GA showed a high participation of its members and validated the constitution of this commission by offering its active participation in this project.

In his introductory speech to the 1 stmeeting of the Scientific Council for the evaluation of the COVID-19 policy, Dr Jean-Pierre Eudier reiterated the urgency to consolidate the inventory of findings and consequences already available and to mobilize. The situation being serious and urgent, the time is no longer for procrastination but for firm and voluntary action to protect the population before it is too late. Comparing the current situation to that of the Genocide in Rwanda on Day D-1, Dr Eudier reminded the assembly of the speed of events, unsuspected on the eve of a horrible massacre, citing General Roméo Dallaire, commander in charge of UN peacekeepers, witnesses to the speed of events. After the discovery of the dazzling genocide and its powerlessness in the face of the destructive force of hatred between Tutsi and Hutus, General Dallaire said: “Seismic change evolves over a lifetime, or can happen in an instant! “.

Dr Eudier adds that today we are at this time point with the COVID-19 crisis and that the establishment of the International Citizen Inquiry Commission is one of the imperative responses to this crisis.

The speech is transcribed in full below.


Before addressing the purpose of our meeting, I would like, by way of introduction, to give you some thoughts about the current context, which is particularly serious and which, in fact, pushes us to come together today.

A spirit of division emanates today from the public authorities. Everyone has been able to notice how much health policy, and particularly the desire for compulsory vaccination, opposes citizens, breaks social ties and divides even within families.

Divide to rule better is a known technique for obtaining or maintaining power.

I have seen this technique at work in Africa, a country that I know particularly well having lived and worked there for 40 years. I would like to cite as an example the tragedy in Rwanda. A division enterprise was deliberately organized to provoke war between Hutus and Tutsis. However, these two peoples have lived in peace for a long time within the same country, some breeders and others farmers. The tensions appeared during the Belgian colonial era, when the financial interests of those who wanted to plunder the country knowingly led these two peoples to oppose, in order to divide the better to plunder them.

The international community has repeatedly been warned of the growing tensions between these two communities, but it has done nothing. When the UN arrived to ensure peace, alarming information came back from the field to warn of an upcoming civil war, especially from Canadian General Roméo Dallaire who was in charge of the operations. But the Canadian general was not authorized to intervene and he witnessed, helplessly, the growing escalation of tensions, until the civil war.

At the time, the Radio-Télévision des Mille Collines (RTLM), which was a bit like BFMTV in France today, played a fatal role now well identified. I quote as proof an excerpt from the newspaper Le Monde ( published in April 2019 ): “Radio-Television des Mille Collines broadcast hatred, timidly at first, then in a completely assumed manner. For example, he disclosed the names of those to be slaughtered, offered bonuses in exchange for corpses and urged the militiamen to massacre : “You are going to set the Tutsis on fire and they will regret being born… Do a good job! “,” The pits are still half empty, you must fill them! “ RTLM played a major role in the genocide of 1994, where 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutus lost their lives, according to the UN, ”concludes the newspaper Le Monde.

I would like to underline that our great national newspaper seems to have become today, an organ of disinformation of the general public. It participates, like many other media, in the division between pro-vaxx and anti (free) -vaxx.

Does history repeat itself? Are we on the eve of a civil war in France or in Europe? Unfortunately, I fear it and I am not the only one to think so within our associations for the defense of freedoms. Michel de Lorgeril, in his work on Vaccines in the era of covid-19 , evokes this possibility of a civil war in the event of compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus. According to him, the tensions between pro-vax and anti (free) -vax have grown since the establishment, in 2018, of the 11 compulsory vaccines for children.

On the side of our association, we can clearly see the distress of families in the face of blackmail and the pressures they are subjected to. Parents are subject to orders from judges who dispossess them of their parental rights, imposing the immediate vaccination of their children.

With the current health crisis, we can see how the media are rolling out a pro-vax narrative in order to make vaccination compulsory, universal and undifferentiated, regardless of individual biological status, which in our opinion corresponds to an aberration that is both biological, sociological and medical.

But a bit like General Dallaire in Rwanda, certain scientists and lawyers are alerting the public authorities to the health and sociological risks of this vaccination obligation. But they can do nothing and they helplessly witness the growing division of society. Their voice is crushed by the mass media which, as Radio Mille Collines has done, pits people against each other. There would be, according to our media and TV set experts:

  • on the one hand, good citizens who respect health measures and submit to the vaccine injection by altruism
  • and on the other hand the bad citizens who question the liberticidal policy and who would ultimately be “health criminals” because they refuse to be vaccinated. In reality, the “bad citizens” in quotes are mostly people who think and doubt the health argument for imposing compulsory vaccination. These are people who fear for their health and that of their loved ones.

Despite the initial political discourse which tended to reassure and guarantee vaccine freedom, compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus is indeed looming on the horizon. I listened to France Inter yesterday, the bill is becoming clearer. And, here again, we rely on shamefully manipulated figures to try to justify such an obligation. It is for us criminal.

On the ground, we are seeing rising concerns in the general population at the prospect of seeing the vaccine obligation take hold. Whatever the media say, which makes us believe that people are rushing to the vaccination centers, we actually think that people are afraid of this vaccine. They are afraid of losing their health but also their job.

Many people are seeing more and more side effects among their relatives, their neighbors… and sometimes directly. Never in the history of vaccination has a vaccine seemed to have been so dangerous. Yesterday morning, I gathered the testimony of a law firm specializing in compensation for victims of medical accidents and it confirms that it is increasingly sought after by families: death, thrombosis, heart attacks.

Faced with the denial of the authorities, prescribing doctors and vaccinators, the League is increasingly solicited … Whether for the 11 compulsory pediatric vaccines and for the vaccine against covid-19, the two fronts on which we are fighting today , we have no lever for action, no message of hope to bring… This powerlessness which is ours is also that of a large part of the population. It is an absolutely deleterious impotence because people have no associative or legal recourse! What way do they have left?

Many families are already facing a real tragedy with pediatric vaccines, others are now discovering with fear the dangerousness of vaccination against covid-19. More and more people are now enlightened. They become aware of the crime that is perpetrated against their physical integrity, but also against their values. Will they let it happen?

This brings me to consider the rest of this crisis if we come to the vaccination obligation. I only see two options:

  • either, we will attend a civil war which will oppose the pro vax and the free Vax assimilated to the anti Vax, with, one can at least hope it, a favorable outcome for the vaccine freedom
  • either, we will witness a real health disaster but also a social one.

This is why we call on scientists, lawyers, politicians and the media to become aware of the alarming situation in which we are in order to write a strong message calling for the immediate end of this criminal vaccination campaign.

We also call for the constitution of a citizens’ commission of inquiry and, possibly, the constitution of a tribunal to try those responsible for the current and future disaster.

Paris July 3, 2021

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