You people are in very serious trouble if you do not heed this dire warning!

An Urgent Open Letter to Every
Doctor and Nurse in America

Dear American Healthcare Professionals:

Let’s be very clear here: Ignorance of the law is no excuse for violating it.

The universal medical law — worldwide — is, of course: FIRST, DO NO HARM.

Any healthcare professional who is not now aware of the tremendous harm that’s being systematically inflicted on the American people via the various Covid vaccines being aggressively administered nationwide has no business being in the field of healthcare.

Similarly, all healthcare workers who are not aware that some of the standard hospital protocols to treat COVID-19 are actually harmful, and often deadly, ought to get informed fast.

Doesn’t every employee of the U.S. Healthcare System have a fundamental obligation to ensure that the work they do is not homicidal and/or highly injurious?

What if the medical standard of practice in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is, in reality, genocidal in nature?!

Were all the healthcare workers across the USA to understand that they are not only harming many Covid patients by their actions but they are also contributing to their deaths, things would change very quickly.

Likewise, if the dedicated caregivers knew that the various COVID-19 vaccines were infecting every recipient, as well as injecting highly toxic substances into them that greatly compromise their immune systems, surely they would cease and desist.

Attention all doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers: You are perpetrating a genocide.  Witting or unwittingly, you are all committing crimes against humanity by injuring or killing your fellow Americans.

Is this how you want to be known for all of eternity?  Is this the legacy you want to leave for future generations to ponder and shake their heads?

Certainly, none of you really wants to be on the wrong side of history when “The Greatest Genocide in World History” is totally exposed.

Yes, this entire national conspiracy began by convincing physicians across the country to participate in a highly organized and complex criminal conspiracy defined by gross medical malpractice and deliberate healthcare fraud.

However, just because the countless deluded doctors went along with this genocidal scheme does not absolve all the other healthcare workers who have assisted them throughout the commission of the myriad medical crimes.

Many folks are now calling what you are doing medical rape, medicide and death by injection.   And, yet, even these descriptions do not truly capture the sheer breadth and depth of the ongoing Covid crime spree.

With this critical understanding and correct knowledge about what you are really doing to your fellow citizens, we now state the true purpose of this letter.

Please, all of you, STOP THE GENOCIDE!  NOW ! ! !

The quickest way to stop this “worst holocaust ever” is for you healthcare workers to immediately terminate your participation in it—EN MASSE.

Were you to do this over the course of a specific week this August, the Covid crime juggernaut would come to grinding halt.

Then, you will not only find yourselves on the right side of history, you will be forever known as the brave souls who saved all of humanity from a fate that is often worst than death.

Very sincerely,

A Group of Concerned American Citizens

SOTN Exclusive
August 14, 2021

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