When the citizens fails to reclaim
their personal sovereignty,
the Republic’s national sovereignty
cannot be maintained?

That’s right! The national sovereignty of the United States
of America cannot be defended when the citizenry fails to
protect their personal sovereignty.

State of the Nation

There is no greater assault against both person and nation than the incomparably invasive and harmful Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

The more Americans who succumb to this utterly murderous and devastating agenda, the greater the likelihood the USA will be consigned to the destiny of an irreversibly failed nation-state.

What this especially means is that the body politic, if the current Covid vaccination rate continues, will reach a degree of physical and psychological incapacitation, mental and emotional derangement, as well as spiritual and philosophical degeneracy such that We the People will be rendered incapable of preserving the American Republic.

Therefore, People, it’s time to shut down the Covid juggernaut…
…before it shuts US down—FOREVER!

Bottom Line: All of the Covid criminals in office throughout the 50 states must fear We the People much more than they fear their New World Order paymasters and Deep State handlers. Hence, every Patriot must figure how they will light their torch, grab a pitchfork, pick up a hammer or ax, in their community. Everyone needs to play their own unique [PROACTIVE] role in this epic national drama to take back the Republic from those who have stolen it.


At the outset, this new SOVEREIGNTY MOVEMENT does not have to be a highly organized and well-funded organization to be successful. Actually, it will function much more effectively if it is rather amorphous and unstructured without leadership that could be easily isolated, demonize and taken out.

How the shapeless SOVEREIGNTY MOVEMENT best grow and develop is that it must be organically grown in each community, completely grassroots-driven and people-powered from the get-go.  In this way, every single chapter of this burgeoning movement can wage the type of nonviolent and asymmetric guerrilla warfare that is necessary to dislodge the BEAST System across the USA.

What does that asymmetric and peaceful guerrilla warfare look like?

“Fierce Resistance” to the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda everywhere and anywhere.

“Ferocious Protest” against the creeping Covid tyranny in every city, county and state.

“Furious Noncompliance” with all unlawful orders, illegal decrees and illicit lockdowns.

The ultimate result of this infallible strategy is that the Power Elite will be overwhelmed by the countless citizen responses and populace reactions.  The whole Covid tyranny will then collapse in a New York minute.

Now, everyone, make it happen before the emerging totalitarian Covid superstructure concretizes into a communist One World Government.  Should the respective citizenries around the globe permit the Covid despotism to become too entrenched, it will be much more difficult to uproot and remove.

Now let’s get busy building the absolutely necessary nation-saving SOVEREIGNTY MOVEMENT!

State of the Nation
September 4, 2021

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