Will the staged coronavirus pandemic backfire and shut down the 5G roll-out?!

Think about it!

The 5G juggernaut has been rolling across the land so fast and furiously that only a highly catalytic worldwide event of epic proportions could shut it down.

That “worldwide event” just may be the bioengineered coronavirus pandemic and staged panic.  Why? Because there are no NIMBYs in this rapidly unfolding planetary predicament.  Every person on planet Earth is not only a stakeholder, most are extremely engaged with this unparalleled pandemic drama.  It’s as though the swiftly spreading COVID-19 plague has forced everyone into their own reality show.

The essential point here is that there is now a unique opportunity for people everywhere to come to the [VITAL] understanding that the 2020 coronavirus outbreaks are directly connected to the 5G roll-outs in 2019.  When citizenries around the world come to the correct conclusions about correlation between the pandemic and smartphone use, they will mobilize against 5G en masse.  When We the People on all 7 continents are galvanized to action by this highly radioactive “coronavirus truth”, the military deployment of 5G will be stopped dead in its tracks.

However, there first needs to be a critical mass of people in each nation that demands the immediate termination of the 5G roll-out in their respective countries.  Only then will all 5G power grids be forever dismantled globally.

Let’s get busy, folks!


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