Trump Just Scrooched The Pooch (Updated)

State of the Nation

For our many foreign speakers who read SOTN, there’s a quite crude American idiomatic expression — “screwed the pooch” — which translates to a HUGE and EPIC blunder (read: royal eff-up) that absolutely cannot be fixed in any way .  You simply cannot undo screwing the pooch, right?!

Well, it appears that that is exactly what President Trump just did!

Alex Jones of issued an Alt Media ultimatum of sorts (via video format) to Donald Trump in an effort to encourage him to completely and categorically disavow the catastrophic COVID-19 ‘vaccines’, which have seriously injured and killed countless Americans.  Listen to that video as follows:

Why did Trump just terminate his political
career—FOREVER?!?! (Video)

If the sequence of events that Alex Jones described is entirely accurate, President Trump contacted Jones and communicated to him via a message — in no uncertain terms — his unequivocal presidential support for and personal backing of the Covid vaccines rolled out across the USA.

Trump’s exact quote regarding what was essentially the military deployment of highly experimental COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ via Operation Warp Speed is as follows:

Donald J. Trump’s Quote:
“No, I Back it. That’s it”


SOTN has also addressed this very same highly consequential issue with President Trump by way of the following “OPEN LETTER”:

President Donald Trump: You had better read this OPEN LETTER
before it’s too late.

In light Donald Trump’s closing his Covid ‘vaccine’ book with such finality, there’s only one reason that could possibly explain his remarkable resolve to commit political suicide.

Particularly in view of the perilous prosecutions that Trump is now facing, as well as the numerous persecutions he will be undergoing for the rest of his lifetime, there’s an untold back story here that must be revealed.

Check back here to read that exposé which should be posted at SOTN in the next few days.  New information is now being discreetly disclosed that will validate the critical elements of the upcoming revelations regarding why Trump is so dead set to be forever known as the “Father of the Covid Vaccines”.

State of the Nation
August 31, 2022

Update 9/1/22

Here’s why Trump cannot stop his full support of the Covid vaccines…….
…no matter how many Americans are killed and/or seriously injured by
the extremely dangerous jabs.


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