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Doctors Say Trump To Be Discharged As Early As Monday, Oxygen Level Back To Normal After 2 Respiratory “Episodes”


Update (1200ET): Navy Commander Dr. Sean Conley, President Trump’s doctor, has just delivered his first briefing to White House reporters since yesterday’s briefing where he was later forced to retract comments, including about the progression of the president’s infection, and was cornered into suggesting that Trump had received supplemental oxygen on Friday.

With the press seemingly fixated on the “48 hours” timeline delivered by Mark Meadows during his “off-the-record” comments to reporters yesterday, Dr. Conley and Dr. Brian Garibaldi – who also spoke at the presser – said that Trump could be discharged as early as Monday (within the 48 hours timeline), and added that Trump’s experiences with a fever and shortness of breath were merely “transitory” incidents. Dr. Garibaldi said “our hope is that we can plan for a discharge as early as tomorrow to the White House.”

Trump completed a second dose of remdesivir on Saturday and “today he feels well,” Garibaldi said. Trump has shown no averse reactions to the drug. Trump’s kidney and liver functioning are normal, Garibaldi added.

Trump’s condition is steadily improving, doctors said during the opening remarks of Sunday’s briefing on the president’s health. But as with any illness, “there are ups and downs”.

Dr. Conley said there were two episodes where Trump required supplemental oxygen. But the timing wasn’t exactly clear from his comments, as he offered what appeared to be deliberately vague answers.

Doctors claimed that when pressed to try the oxygen on Friday, Trump initially was reluctant to try it, insisting that he didn’t need it.

Dr. Conley said he believed one of the episodes occurred on Saturday, but he said he had to check on the timing.

Dr. Conley insisted that Trump wears a mask every time he’s around his doctors.

Steroid dexamethasone has also been part of Trump’s treatment, Dr. Garibaldi said.

Pressed by reporters to explain yesterday’s dodges and “clarifications”, Dr. Conley said he had been trying to avoid giving a negative impression of Trump’s illness: “The fact of the matter is he’s doing really well.”

Asked about Trump’s condition as of Sunday morning, Dr. Conley said the president was doing “great”, contrary to Meadows’s comments about Trump’s status being “concernng”.

Cable news reporters immediately pointed out that Dr. Conley’s comments weren’t consistent with what Meadows apparently told reporters yesterday.

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