Alachua, Florida Resident Hits County with HUGE List of Covid Crimes

Covid-19 and Legal Challenges to the PCR test

To: Paul Myers, Alachua County Health Dept.

From: Harold Saive: Hosp. Admin and first responder for Emergency Cardiovascular Services, South Miami Hosp., Dade County, Fl (Retired).

RE: Covid-19 and legal challenges to the PCR test

The Video “Crimes Against Humanity” was produced and uploaded by Attorney, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and has been trending heavily with over 1.2 million views so far.

Fuellmich is a trial lawyer and member of the Bar in both Germany and the State of California. He’s prosecuted high profile cases against Deutche Bank, VW, and Shipping Co., Kuehne and Nagel.

Fuellmich currently sits on the German Corona Investigation Committee – a group of physicians, scientists and trial attorneys, whose mission is to prosecute what he has termed, the “Corona Scandal”.

The central issue in Fuellmich’s planned class action suit for crimes against humanity, is the fraudulent and weaponized use of the “Polymerase chain reaction” method (PCR) which has served as the basis for questionably emergent and otherwise unconstitutional public policies and mandates with consequences to quarantines, lockdowns, masks, social distancing, massive unemployment by closure of so-called “non-essential” businesses, media-driven public panic, suicides, missed medical appointments resulting in death or disability, wrongful death and more.

Inventor, Dr. Kary Mullis who died in 2019, warned that his PCR method could not be used to detect an infectious virus.

In a 1993 recorded interview (Video), Dr. Mullis, explicitly stated that his PCR method, “doesn’t tell you that you’re sick and it doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with was going to hurt you or anything like that.”

Video and Transcript: “Crimes Against Humanity”: The German Corona Investigation. “The PCR Pandemic” –

Video and Full Transcript (Global Research)

The German Corona Investigative Committee has taken testimony from a large number of international scientists and experts since July 10, 2020. See the videos on Youtube

Their conclusions are the following: 

  • The corona crisis must be renamed the “Corona Scandal”
  • It is:
  • The biggest tort case ever
  • The greatest crime against humanity ever committed
  • Those responsible must be:
  • Criminally prosecuted for crimes against humanity
  • Sued for civil damages
  • Deaths
  • There is no excess mortality in any country
  • Corona virus mortality equals seasonal flu
  • 94% of deaths in Bergamo were caused by transferring sick patients to nursing homes where they infected old people with weak immune systems
  • Doctors and hospitals worldwide were paid to declare deceased victims of Covid-19
  • Autopsies showed:
  • Fatalities almost all caused by serious pre-existing conditions
  • Almost all deaths were very old people
  • Sweden (no lockdown) and Britain (strict lockdown) have comparable disease and mortality statistics
  • US states with and without lockdowns have comparable disease and mortality statistics
  • Health
  • Hospitals remain empty and some face bankruptcy
  • Populations have T-cell immunity from previous influenza waves
  • Herd immunity needs only 15-25% population infection and is already achieved
  • Only when a person has symptoms can an infection be contagious
  • Tests:
  • Many scientists call this a PCR-test pandemic, not a corona pandemic
  • Very healthy and non-infectious people may test positive
  • Likelihood of false-positives is 89-94% or near certainty
  • Prof. Drosten developed his PCR test from an old SARS virus without ever having seen the real Wuhan virus from China
  • The PCR test is not based on scientific facts with respect to infections
  • PCR tests are useless for the detection of infections
  • A positive PCR test does not mean an infection is present or that an intact virus has been found
  • Amplification of samples over 35 cycles is unreliable but WHO recommended 45 cycles
  • Illegality:
  • The German government locked down, imposed social-distancing/ mask-wearing on the basis of a single opinion
  • The lockdown was imposed when the virus was already retreating
  • The lockdowns were based on non-existent infections
  • Former president of the German federal constitutional court doubted the constitutionality of the corona measures
  • Former UK supreme court judge Lord Sumption concluded there was no factual basis for panic and no legal basis for corona measures
  • German RKI (CDC equivalent) recommended no autopsies be performed
  • Corona measures have no sufficient factual or legal basis, are unconstitutional and must be repealed immediately
  • No serious scientist gives any validity to the infamous Neil Ferguson’s false computer models warning of millions of deaths
  • Mainstream media completely failed to report the true facts of the so-called pandemic
  • Democracy is in danger of being replaced by fascist totalitarian models
  • Drosten (of PCR test), Tedros of WHO, and others have committed crimes against humanity as defined in the International Criminal Code
  • Politicians can avoid going down with the charlatans and criminals by starting the long overdue public scientific discussion
  • Conspiracy:
  • Politicians and mainstream media deliberately drove populations to panic
  • Children were calculatedly made to feel responsible “for the painful tortured death of their parents and grandparents if they do not follow Corona rules”
  • The hopeless PCR test is used to create fear and not to diagnose
  • There can be no talk of a second wave
  • Injury and damage:
  • Evidence of gigantic health and economic damage to populations
  • Anti-corona measures have:
  • Killed innumerable people
  • Destroyed countless companies and individuals worldwide
  • Children are being taken away from their parents
  • Children are traumatized en masse
  • Bankruptcies are expected in small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Redress:
  • A class action lawsuit must be filed in the USA or Canada, with all affected parties worldwide having the opportunity to join
  • Companies and self-employed people must be compensated for damages

Full Transcript 

“Hello. I am Reiner Fuellmich and I have been admitted to the Bar in Germany and in California for 26 years. I have been practicing law primarily as a trial lawyer against fraudulent corporations such as Deutsche Bank, formerly one of the world’s largest and most respected banks, today one of the most toxic criminal organizations in the world; VW, one of the world’s largest and most respected car manufacturers, today notorious for its giant diesel fraud; and Kuehne and Nagel, the world’s largest shipping company. We’re suing them in a multi-million-dollar bribery case.

I’m also one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. Since July 10, 2020, this Committee has been listening to a large number of international scientists’ and experts’ testimony to find answers to questions about the corona crisis, which more and more people worldwide are asking. All the above-mentioned cases of corruption and fraud committed by the German corporations pale in comparison in view of the extent of the damage that the corona crisis has caused and continues to cause.

This corona crisis, according to all we know today, must be renamed a “Corona Scandal” and those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages. On a political level, everything must be done to make sure that no one will ever again be in a position of such power as to be able to defraud humanity or to attempt to manipulate us with their corrupt agendas. And for this reason I will now explain to you how and where an international network of lawyers will argue this biggest tort case ever, the corona fraud scandal, which has meanwhile unfolded into probably the greatest crime against humanity ever committed.

Crimes against humanity were first defined in connection with the Nuremberg trials after World War II, that is, when they dealt with the main war criminals of the Third Reich. Crimes against humanity are today regulated in section 7 of the International Criminal Code. The three major questions to be answered in the context of a judicial approach to the corona scandal are:

  1. Is there a corona pandemic or is there only a PCR-test pandemic? Specifically, does a positive PCR-test result mean that the person tested is infected with Covid-19, or does it mean absolutely nothing in connection with the Covid-19 infection?
  2. Do the so-called anti-corona measures, such as the lockdown, mandatory face masks, social distancing, and quarantine regulations, serve to protect the world’s population from corona, or do these measures serve only to make people panic so that they believe – without asking any questions – that their lives are in danger, so that in the end the pharmaceutical and tech industries can generate huge profits from the sale of PCR tests, antigen and antibody tests and vaccines, as well as the harvesting of our genetic fingerprints?
  3. Is it true that the German government was massively lobbied, more so than any other country, by the chief protagonists of this so-called corona pandemic, Mr. Drosten, virologist at charity hospital in Berlin; Mr. Wieler, veterinarian and head of the German equivalent of the CDC, the RKI; and Mr. Tedros, Head of the World Health Organization or WHO; because Germany is known as a particularly disciplined country and was therefore to become a role model for the rest of the world for its strict and, of course, successful adherence to the corona measures?

Answers to these three questions are urgently needed because the allegedly new and highly dangerous coronavirus has not caused any excess mortality anywhere in the world, and certainly not here in Germany. But the anti-corona measures, whose only basis are the PCR-test results, which are in turn all based on the German Drosten test, have, in the meantime, caused the loss of innumerable human lives and have destroyed the economic existence of countless companies and individuals worldwide. In Australia, for example, people are thrown into prison if they do not wear a mask or do not wear it properly, as deemed by the authorities. In the Philippines, people who do not wear a mask or do not wear it properly, in this sense, are getting shot in the head.

Let me first give you a summary of the facts as they present themselves today. The most important thing in a lawsuit is to establish the facts – that is, to find out what actually happened. That is because the application of the law always depends on the facts at issue. If I want to prosecute someone for fraud, I cannot do that by presenting the facts of a car accident. So what happened here regarding the alleged corona pandemic?

The facts laid out below are, to a large extent, the result of the work of the Corona Investigative Committee. This Committee was founded on July 10, 2020 by four lawyers in order to determine, through hearing expert testimony of international scientists and other experts:

  1. How dangerous is the virus really?
  2. What is the significance of a positive PCR test?
  3. What collateral damage has been caused by the corona measures, both with respect to the world population’s health, and with respect to the world’s economy?

Let me start with a little bit of background information. What happened in May 2019 and then in early 2020? And what happened 12 years earlier with the swine flu, which many of you may have forgotten about? In May 2019, the stronger of the two parties which govern Germany in a grand coalition, the CDU, held a Congress on Global Health, apparently at the instigation of important players from the pharmaceutical industry and the tech industry. At this Congress, the usual suspects, you might say, gave their speeches. Angela Merkel was there, and the German Secretary of Health, Jens Spahn. But, some other people, whom one would not necessarily expect to be present at such a gathering, were also there: Professor Drosten, virologist from the Charite hospital in Berlin; Professor Wieler, veterinarian and Head of the RKI, the German equivalent of the CDC; as well as Mr. Tedros, philosopher and Head of the World Health Organization (WHO). They all gave speeches there. Also present and giving speeches were the chief lobbyists of the world’s two largest health funds, namely the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust. Less than a year later, these very people called the shots in the proclamation of the worldwide corona pandemic, made sure that mass PCR tests were used to prove mass infections with Covid-19 all over the world, and are now pushing for vaccines to be invented and sold worldwide.

These infections, or rather the positive test results that the PCR tests delivered, in turn became the justification for worldwide lockdowns, social distancing and mandatory face masks.

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