WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO! Ukrainian Nazis Now Crucifying Young Christian Men And Burning Them At The Stake!

SOTN Editor’s Note: Some folks may question why this Alt Media platform would post such a horrific video FOR ALL TO VIEW.  The answer is quite simple.  The entire U.S. Government-Corporate Complex has been aggressively pushing all of America into a pen of blind compliance with their nationwide “We support Ukraine” and “I stand with Ukraine” psyop.  Just like the same bad actors deceitfully promoted “We’re all this TOGETHER” throughout the Covid era, now they are conning the American people into avidly supporting the barbaric Nazi regime in Kiev.  Well, it’s the same genocidal maniacs who are trying their hardest to start World War III by forever demonizing Russia while gushing cringeworthy praise for the brutal Nazi government of Ukraine.  If Americans knew just how much of a Neo-Nazi and Neocon Zionist President Zelensky really is, they’d scream bloody murder, especially when they understood that his administration and military have been slaughtering Ukrainian civilians at every opportunity.  Virtually every attack on Ukrainian hospitals and civilian infrastructure has been carried out by the Armed Forces of Ukraine or National Guard of Ukraine, and particularly by the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion–a unit of the National Guard.  Likewise, it was those Azov Nazi savages who perpetrated the viciously ruthless crucifixion and burning shown below.  Until the U.S. citizenry sees and hears this searing raw truth, they will blindly jump on the Ukraine bandwagon that’s slowing taking the world over the cliff.  THAT’S WHY we posted this deeply disturbing and truly horrifying video.

State of the Nation
April 10, 2022

This is a photo of Nikita–a helper of Donbass citizens,
who was first crucified and then burned at the stake by
Ukrainian Nazis of the Azov Battalion. He saved the
lives of many civilians of the DPR-Donbass.  He was an
orphan boy.

The video below of the crucifixion-execution of the martyr Nikita
was filmed by the Azov Nazis themselves.

 ***Viewer discretion advised***


*Post submitted by NS


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