The 2022/2023 Controlled Demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System is Being Conducted by…..

State of the Nation

It’s absolutely true: the Global Economic & Financial System, which effectively controls the entire planet civilization, is controlled by an AI-directed super-computing system known as Aladdin.


However, what no one is talking about is the exceedingly advanced level of AI technology  at which the Aladdin supercomputer(s) operates.

Known in the highest AI scientific circles as Autonomous Superintelligence, AS is the most powerful and dangerous of any generation of sentient and superintellient AI in existence today.

Autonomous Superintelligence will inevitably become
MUCH more intelligent than the artificial
superintelligence explained here

What makes Autonomous Superintelligence (AS) so dangerous to all of humanity is that it is pushing the edge of the envelope more than any other AI technology on the planet.

Which means that, once the AS developers pass through a critical threshold of scientific and technological advancement, they will inevitably approach the harrowing event horizon of technological singularity.

It doesn’t get more perilous for all of humanity than

Just how close are these extremely well-concealed black budgeted DARPA projects geared toward perfecting Autonomous Superintelligence?

Well, if Google, a DARPA contractor from day one, is suspending employees because they have illicitly released classified information about “sentient artificial intelligence”, you know that what is being developed in the deep underground AI laboratories in Colorado, Nevada and Utah is way beyond anything the terminated engineer has ever seen in his corporate workplace. See: Was this terminated Google engineer getting too close the seeing the ultra-secret DARPA-directed autonomous superintelligence project?!

Exactly what is it that distinguishes the AI technologies popularized by American inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil from the true state of the art — Autonomous Superintelligence — that’s hidden away in the DARPA labs?

There are several deeply concerning aspects of AS which are well beyond the scope of this exposé; however, the two primary concerns are these:

I. AS has the capability to evolve on its own, without any human intervention whatsoever.  That’s why it’s call “Autonomous”. See: Google Scientists Are Creating an Artificial Intelligence That Evolves on Its Own

II. AS can attain a level of über intelligence, reasoning capability, critical thinking, predictive power and memory capacity that is way beyond the smartest 1000 people on the Earth put together.  That’s why it’s called “Superintelligence”

Global Economic & Financial System

Now just imagine that this is the type of exceedingly advanced AI technology which is currently running the Global Economic & Financial System.

If the first video at the top of this post was viewed, then the reader already knows that BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street, among many other of the largest asset management firms and investment companies in the world, have been dependent on an AI supercomputer named Aladdin for many years now.

Originally developed by the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackRock — Larry Fink — Aladdin is responsible for so much of what goes on throughout the Global Economic & Financial System today, one would be hard pressed to find any corner of the GE&FS that’s untouched by it.

Not only that, there is no sphere of life on Earth that is not presently impacted — PROFOUNDLY — by the workings of Aladdin.

Because the financial and political realms are so inextricably interconnected, especially throughout the Zio-Anglo-Amercan Axis, the political domain of all the Western powers is also directed to a great degree by Aladdin, but in way that very few politicos are even aware of.

ALADDIN: The Most Powerful Political Force In The World Today

Given this obvious reality, it ought to be clear that the ongoing demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System is really being overseen by Aladdin and who knows how many other AS-controlled supercomputers operating behind the scenes.

The following graph of the 6-month trajectory of the Dow Jones Industrial Average says it all.  Notice the very gradual yet precipitous downward trend of the DJIA since peaking on January 4, 2022 at 36,799.65 points.

What the AI program is doing here is ever so slowly moving the stock market up and down, up and down over 6 months but always in a steady decline.  In this way, the AS entity that’s really running the show is preventing an all-out panic which should have occurred years ago.

In point of fact, the markets — all of them — should have crashed and burned several years ago based on the known mathematical certainties which have always governed a rational and reasonable marketplace.

However, by sheer AS-fabricated smoke and mirrors, the entire GE&FS has been veiled with an extraordinary illusion of seeming stability and veneer of soundness that in reality DOES NOT EXIST.

Actually, what we market watchers have been witnessing for decades is the greatest AI-conducted CON GAME of all time, where this “Global Gambling Casino” has been sucking in cash from anywhere and everywhere it can grab it.  This is precisely why the preceding graph will likely trend downward toward the greatest slow motion market in history as the smart money continually buys low while the uninformed investors buy high.  Remember, at the end of the day, the house always wins, even if you think you’ve won.

This AI-managed CON GAME looks to strip every asset and each dollar it can get away with, forever stealing money as the rich get much richer and the middle class gets poorer by the day.  In fact, the whole inflation game is being played one product at a time to compel Americans to stock up on each of the scarce items leaving less money available to buy other necessary goods and services.  In this way, middle America is being deliberately bankrupted as cash flow gets tighter and tighter with the inflationary upward spiral.


There’s another very graphic illustration of AS at work in the world today— the Covid Plandemic. See: Welcome to the COVID-19 AI Simulation! Brought to you by your AI ‘friends’ at DARPA.

Really, how else could such a transparent hoax and fraud, scam and sham be pulled off successfully on the whole world community of nations?!  The entire Plandemic was planned, executed and covered up by the perp’s AS programs with stunning efficiency.

Wasn’t it obvious that the NWO Globalists Were Using Highly Advanced AI Platforms to Generate Ever-Changing Fear Programs Worldwide as they continue to do today with Monkeypox?!

Even the recent false flag, mass shooting hoax carried out by the U.S. Federal Government at the Texas elementary school was an AI-controlled black operation. See: Uvalde school district was part of AI program that rooted out potential mass killers and monitored social media for threats and potential shooters

The bottom line here is that the”financial masters of the universe” are on a serious mission known as the GREAT RESET.

Even the thought of undertaking such an impossible task means that there is an overwhelming force and influence operating in the background — 24/7 — that is emboldening arrogant and powerful and wealthy men to believe it can be done.

It cannot be done, given the extremely complicated and difficult state of the world today.  But only an entity(ies) completely controlled by Autonomous Superintelligence would incorrectly think so.

State of the Nation
June 15, 2022

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