This is the turning point we’ve all been waiting for.

State of the Nation

Let’s first understand the indisputable reality about the execution of OPERATION COVID-19 and the subsequent implementation of the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda: The countless criminal conspirators who carried out this global genocide are extremely delusional psychopaths and criminally insane genocidal maniacs.

When such is the case, they are going to do a LOT of very stupid things in the course of committing their capital crime wave worldwide.  In fact, these murderous psychos have made one mistake after another—VERY BIG MISTAKES, that is.  Yet it’s quite possible that these epic blunders were not mistakes at all; rather, just a reflection of the complete command and control that the New World Order globalist cabal currently exerts over the entire planetary civilization.  Or, at least, thinks they exert.

Regardless of the true status of their global dominance, the NWO perpetrators of the COVID-19 biowar being waged against all of humanity have really screwed up.  Their main miscalculation, by far, was the extent to which they believed they could maintain the cover-up of the Covid ‘vaccine’ genocide.

Really, how do you attempt to vaccinate nearly 8 billion people across the planet with an extremely dangerous and deadly Covid injection(s), where millions soon die or sustain life-threatening injuries due to the lethal jab, and then expect that such a transparent depopulation scheme could be effectively covered up?!?!  STUPID or what!

CAT FIGHT! Austrian Health Minister and Medical Profession Brawl Over Who’s Responsible for
Covid ‘Vaccine’ Deaths and Injures

Austria sets worldwide precedent

The far-reaching ramifications and immediate repercussions associated with the shifting of responsibility from the state to the medical profession in Austria are truly staggering.  And exhilarating!

Despite the federal government of Austria being the first nation in the world to recklessly and unlawfully mandate the Covid ‘vaccine’ for every citizen (and resident) of Austria, the same government is now  imposing up to a 14,000 Euro penalty on doctors “for violating the obligation to report side effects or lack of effectiveness”.

To read the entire report published by the Austrian news service WEEKLY VIEW, please click on the following link:

HUGE!!! Austrian Ministry of Health
to Fine Doctors Nearly $15,000 for UNREPORTED Covid Vaccine Injuries

How ironic is it that the country that foisted the most draconian and illegal national vaccine mandate is now trying to eschew all accountability for their patently criminal conduct.  Be sure to read the preceding article to comprehend the sea change that’s occurring in Austria with regard to who will bear the responsibility for the Covid ‘vaccine’-induced mass death and disease.  It’s quite incredible.

You can be sure that, as the Covid ‘vaccine’ deaths and injuries numbers skyrocket, and they are wherever they were administered in the greatest number, this same government blame game will heat up to the point of a HUGE public brawl.

Then, each of those nations that heedlessly pushed the frequently fatal Covid jabs on their citizenries will soon suffer the wrath of the people.  For when the populace comes to correctly understand the true depth and breadth of this highly organized criminal conspiracy to deliberately deceive them to their death and/or serious injury, the world will witness an unparalleled societal explosion of anger and acrimony, exasperation and enmity, fury and ferocity, ire and indignation, rage and revenge, resentment and retribution.

Look out, people, because the shit is about
to hit the friggin’ fan—FOR REAL!!!


However, the heavily AI-monitored Internet is watching every single move we all make.

The tyrannical technocracy is scanning and surveilling all digital communications and cyber movements around the globe—24/7.

Therefore, the perps will know exactly what we are up to—nation by nation—so that the Covid criminals can be protected via whatever pre-emptive measures and moves are deemed necessary.

Were a popular movement to develop spontaneously worldwide because of the sheer VIRALITY of Internet capability, the NWO cabal will most likely do something very BIG such as (i) commence with a controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System or (ii) trigger the hot phase of World War III or (iii) launch yet another more frightening global Plandemic or … … …


Regardless of how well prepared the Covid criminals are, there’s simply no stopping We the People from reacting to the ongoing nefarious NWO agenda being implemented everywhere, all the time.  The very backbone of that malevolent agenda is, of course, the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

Hence, the more folks who are quite unfortunately injured or who are killed by the vax, the greater the visceral response from impacted people the world over.  In other words, the fabricated FEAR virus will quickly morph into the FURIOUS virus aimed at the perps with extraordinary fierceness and ferocity.

As the subtitle boldly proclaims: “This is the turning point we’ve all been waiting for.”

SOTN Editor’s Note: This Alt Media platform has repeatedly posted about the most likely way that the BEAST system will ultimately collapse.  It will collapse under the weight of its own debilitating corruption and pernicious infighting.  When the bad guys start taking down other bad guys, you know the end is very near.  After all, the dark side only coalesces around an evil agenda when each criminal conspirator stands to gain from the criminal enterprise.  What inevitably occurs during the end game is that the reptiles at the very top of the food chain start to eat the weak and vulnerable below them.  In this way, the black hats are at war with themselves, which translates to internecine institutional warfare that looks like this:

So, the System collapse begins in earnest by way of the System taking itself down.  It literally is the bad guys taking down the bad guys.  This is how it always happens.  The states go after the federal government. The county fights the city. The local utility faces off with the municipality.  The telecoms go head to head with city councils.  The county courthouse overrules the statehouse.  The sheriff department strongly disagrees with the police department. The C.I.A. is attacked by Congress.  The Senate discloses wrongdoing by the House.  The POTUS and VPOTUS are assailed by everyone.

Of course, there are also instances of the good guys going after the bad.  The white hat FBI agents exposing the black hats. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons goes to war with the American Medical Association.  The good Covid doctors alliance exposes the Medical Mafia known as the CDC-NIH-HHS-FDA & Big Pharma crime syndicate.  Righteous military docs divulge bombshell vaccine truth.
(Source: The MAD Warmongers & Their “Empire Of Lies”)

State of the Nation
July 4, 2022

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