Here’s why the USA is nearly $25 Trillion in debt!

My Response to Peter Zeihan.

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This video from Peter Zeihan is BS. The Bushes I and II, the Clintons and Obama all had history working for the CIA before being allowed to run for President. Trump did not. Trump had obtained a Greenlight from the US military to run for President. America’s Navy is not invulnerable. Iran has Mach 14 missiles. America only dreams of fast missiles. Russia has an S-500 defense systems and is working on the S-600. Dr Mark Skidmore showed from US government website sources that from 1998 to 2015 that $21 trillion had gone missing from their spending at 2 federal agencies HUD and DOD. You never read about those differences between the Russian and American militaries in the Corporate Media.

American finances a strength? 3 million out of 123 million Americans alive in 1929 starved to death because FDR refused to accept the Chicago Plan of 1933. President Lincoln gave us an interest free currency called Greenbacks. If we still had Greenbacks, the US debt would not be nearly $25 trillion. The budget deficit as measured by the increase in federal debt was $1,217,911,509,254.17 for April. We have Overlords who created our Federal Reserve Banking system for us at a meeting in Jekyll Island. They chose to give us a system that gives Bankers the right to charge us interest on money they create out of nothing so as to transfer all the rewards of our productivity to the likes of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Warburgs who thought that was good.

That Chicago Plan of 1933 started with going back to Lincoln’s Greenbacks. Then it would have abolished the fractional reserve system which allowed banks to create money in a ratio of $100 for every $10 on deposit. Bankruptcies and foreclosures had contracted the money supply 31%. That could have been easily corrected. Instead America decided to starve everyone, pretend we had decent people running the world and killed 58 million people after the Japanese Emperor had tried to surrender to FDR in 1936 and the German military had tried to surrender in London March of 1939 even offering to arrest Hitler.

When America had a population below 150 million, we had wages a third higher than Europe. That is because we had abundant natural resources. We added value through skilled labor. This was proven by a Nobel prize winning study of the American economy made by Wassily Leontief. When our Overlords decided to starve 3 million Americans to death, kill another million in war and not to make them wealthy again until they had killed their fair share of innocent people around the world, they decided to replace the native born. Their plan was to stay on top by simple divide and conquer. Problem is that wages were driven down by an excess of supply of labor due to immigration. American wages never kept pace with productivity. The Overlords decided to print money and buy things for free from overseas. If you lived in an area where excessive immigration had not driven rents to an unaffordable $3,500 or more for a 2 bedroom apartment, then life was OK if you made $20 an hour. But In California that was not enough to pay rent and utilities for a 2 bedroom apartment. There was a campaign for a $15 minimum wage. At the same time an NPR video showed a Mexican woman with 5 children living in a garage in Orange county with no shower paying $1,000 a month rent. America was headed to a brick wall.

About those Overlords or Elite. David Rothkopf wrote the book Superclass in 2008. He used to be the CEO of Kissinger Associates. He said the world is run by Thirty Families and and their 6,000 Minions.

I looked at Zeihan’s website. He does his homework but he can’t see the forest for the trees. The coronavirus was made in a lab according to Dr Luc Montagnier who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009. It contains strands of HIV virus spliced into it by Crisper technology. Francis Boyle who drafted America’s Bioweapon law said it is a bioweapon. It has mutated 30 times. We never have made a vaccine for earlier coronaviruses. I should share a few truths.

The virus was made in the US and sent along with $3.7 million from NIH by Dr Anthony Fauci back when Obama was President. The virus kills but not nearly as many healthy people as they would like you to believe. Getting annual flu shots increases your risk of getting the coronavirus by 36%. People are dying with coronavirus rather than from it. As an ER doctor said, a man who smoked for 25 years and had COPD died from COPD but since he posted positive for the virus his death was listed as Covid-19. That is fraud. Project Veritas reported that New York funeral directors saw everything list as Covid. If a man lived from a car wreck lived long enough to get to a hospital where they put a tube into him, they wrote Covid on the death certificate because the federal government pays a bounty on Covid deaths. If you notice, there is a difference between Republican run states and Democrats. Democrats like Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio in the best of times are desperate for cash so they are writing down Covid on everything. 62% of all alleged Covid deaths are in 4 states. Their population is 42 million. The rest of the US has 285 million people and 38% of all Covid deaths. So why lock us all down?

And please consider the 2 classifications of Covid deaths according to the American Center for Hospital Statistics. U07.1 which is people who were virus tested positive and includes those who had advanced heart disease, cancer, renal failure, COPD and any number of other diseases which meant death was inevitable in weeks or months. Then there was UO7.2 deaths where doctors are to pretend that the dying patient had a fever or a bad cough before he died but no test to prove he had the virus. That is 2/3 rds of all patients. Keep this lockdown going and we will be back where our forefathers were in the 1930s with 202 million more people and a lot more than 3 million people dying from starvation and violence.

If you want to worry about health issues, worry about the Simian viruses in vaccines causing cancers. Worry about the CDC and NIH refusing to test to remove mouse viruses from vaccine and blood supplies despite an article on the subject in the journal Science a dozen years ago? Mouse viruses in mothers’ blood have been linked to births of autistic children. Mouse viruses in the blood have also been linked both to increased cancer rates and to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

And they ought to stop using fetal tissue as adjuvants in vaccines as they cause autoimmune responses. Not good. When I was a child, we never heard of a peanut allergy killing someone. We never heard of ADD and ADHD. I never saw a kid with an inhaler. Shooting people up with drugs and vaccines does not make them healthy. Zeihan started out talking about America’s Navy. Today we have one aircraft carrier, the USS Truman, at sea. They are isolated from contact and have been floating out there for 4 months. Sailors and all military are required to take annual flu shots which only make them more likely to get coronavirus. And what measure determines whether or not a patient under 75 gets released quickly? Measure the presence of Vitamin C and D in their blood. Vitamin Deficiency leads to early death.

There is reduced risk for opening up. All we have to do is to arrest people making fraudulent death certificates to get money from the Feds. That will reduce the death rate quickly if we offer a moratorium on prosecutions for fraud. That will reduce the public hysteria. We have instant testing and a cure that removes the virus in 6 days – hydroxychloroquine and zinc sulfate. We never quarantined the well before. Stop the lockdown.

I am of the opinion that we will see waves of the corona virus as we did the Spanish flu. They will attempt to give us digital certificates along with vaccines. Think of it as branding humans sort of like the Mark of the beast. More bioweapons will be released until we learn to say No. And when , not if, the Dollar Dies, US wages will be cut 50%. Foreigners are damn tired of subsidizing the US. Soon gone will be the days when Americans were allowed to print money by the trillions and buy things from overseas for free with I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes.

What the world needs now is Debt Cancellation as practiced starting some 4,400 years ago by the kings of Sumer and copied by the Babylonians. The Bible Writers called it the Jubilee. We need it but it is not on offer by the Thirty Families. Better in their opinion we depopulate the world than they are asked to forgive debt. The Corporate Media has no solutions to offer, only lies to tell. The goal of the Overlords is to kill the majority of the people on this planet.

We are entering a period of Global Cooling. During the last cooling period, the Maunder Minimum, (1645-1715) there were fewer sunspots and lower temperatures. Wheat prices rose 400% in some years in the UK. In 1709 there was a Big Freeze. There were 3 volcanoes that erupted in Europe that year sending so much ash into the air that it blocked sunlight. The earth in France froze down one meter (about 40 inches). Food prices rose 600%. This happened because as Dr Valentina Zahrkova told us more significant than reduced sunspots is the reduction in the sun’s magnetism. This allows more cosmic rays (nuclear particles) from distant stars to strike the earth. This energizes the earth and causes more earthquakes and volcanoes. Japanese scientists found a correlation between volcanoes and Grand Solar Minimums like the Maunder Minimum. The New Madrid fault zone had a gigantic earthquake on Christmas day in 1699 and 4 quakes in 1811-1812 during the Dalton Minimum. Time to move away from California and the Pacific Northwest. St Louis and Memphis ditto due to proximity to New Madrid fault.

John Kennedy Jr published his interview with Bill Gates in George magazine in February of 1997. Gates said that in 2020 the worst case scenario is an over-populated planet choked to extinction by a lung attacking virus.

Bill Gates 1997 Prediction: 2020 Extinction By Lung Attacking Virus.

I mentioned Debt Cancellation.  Please understand that the Bilderberg Society is one aspect of the many control mechanisms exercised by the Thirty Families.


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