Deliberately False Hurricane Ian Forecasts Set Up South Florida For Massive Death Toll…….

…Which Will Go Unreported As Always

State of the Nation

This is the crux of the workings of the vast criminal conspiracy network, which was complicit in willfully misleading the American people and especially the residents of Florida, with regard to the true trajectory of Hurricane Ian during the days prior to the geoengineered superstorm making landfall near Fort Myers.

Everyone saw the initial storm path for Ian, yes?

First it was heading right towards Tallahassee, the state capital.

Next, it was aiming for a direct strike on Tampa.

Then, it mysteriously veered to the east as the hurricane experts alerted the greater Sarasota area of a direct hit.

While all this was taking place, some very strange hurricane behavior was observed by real weather watchers.

Ian started to move ever so slowly northeast until it was stalled by the geoengineers.

This happened just as it was lining up with the Cape Coral-Fort Myers-Punta Gorda-Northport area.

Then all of a sudden Ian seemed to stop dead in its tracks after the odd stalling.  As it sat off the coast from Fort Myers, it was then greatly intensified by the geoengineers into almost a Cat 5.

In fact, there are high integrity videos now available showing the satellite imagery of Hurricane Ian as it’s being deliberately pumped with extremely powerful energies before the geoengineers steered it directly into their southwest Florida target. As follows:

Here’s how they methodically intensified and meticulously
steered Hurricane Ian into southwest Florida. (Video)

Watch These Geoengineering Signatures Categorically
Proving Hurricane Ian Was Manufactured As A Devastating
Weather Weapon (Video)

What all this means is that the NWO geoterrorists who created Frankenstorm Ian did so to fake every one out from the get-go.

They had everyone focused on north Florida for much of it tracking, and then smashed the superstorm into an area that was not prepared at all.  Those poor folks did not even have a chance to make a run for it, it all happened so fast BY PURPOSEFUL DESIGN.

As a matter of historical fact, the very same vile tactic was used used to set up the targeted coastal communities on the Florida Panhandle during the overwhelmingly destructive Hurricane Michael in October of 2018.  These same NWO geoterrorists deceived those unsuspecting folks, too, so that they never had a chance to avoid what became North Florida’s Armageddon.

The Conspiracy

ATTN: Important Hurricane Ian Post Below

The following excerpt was taken from this exposé: BOMBSHELL! Literally THOUSANDS have died from Hurricane Ian in southwest Florida, but no official channel will say so because the government always suppresses — TO A GREAT DEGREE — the actual death toll caused by each and every natural disaster that occurs in the USA.

“Because, especially where it concerns a highly destructive and genocidal weather calamity such as the purposefully geoengineered OPERATION HURRICANE IAN, there is always a very complex and convoluted criminal conspiracy at work.”

‘This long established conspiracy network includes the National Weather Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the White House, the entire Mainstream Media, as well as the State, County & Municipal Governments and Local Law Enforcement Agencies where the ‘natural disaster’ occurs.”

— Intelligence Analyst, Former U.S. Military Officer & Florida Resident

*The skeleton of this “complex criminal conspiracy” will be fleshed out over the next couple of days as SOTN receives reports from deep insiders and government whistleblowers on the ground in South and Central Florida.

In the meantime, the following exposé provides some excellent background material:

BOMBSHELL! Literally THOUSANDS have died from
Hurricane Ian in southwest Florida but no official
channel will say so because……..

State of the Nation
September 30, 2022

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