Now that the GOP owns the House, the Democrats are determined to steal the Senate.

These are the 6 Senate races that the Patriot Movement needs to watch VERY closely

State of the Nation

Pennsylvania Senate: John Fetterman (D) vs. Mehmet Oz (R)

Nevada Senate: Catherine Cortez Masto (D) vs. Adam Laxalt (R)

Georgia Senate: Raphael Warnock (D) vs. Herschel Walker (R)

Ohio Senate: Tim Ryan (D) vs. J.D. Vance (R)

Arizona Senate: Mark Kelly (D) vs. Blake Masters (R)

Wisconsin Senate: Mandela Barnes (D) vs. Ron Johnson (R)

Because of what is truly at stake for the communist-controlled Democrat Party, it’s guaranteed that they will do whatever is necessary to steal these six elections.

Watch how long it takes for the counting be be completed this week because the Democrats have a long established record of winning every single election the longer the count or recount goes on—WATCH IT this week … very closely!

And don’t let them do a repeat performance of 2020 whereby the Democrats stole so many elections while everyone was focused on the transparent POTUS election theft.

Going forward, every Patriot is obligated to do whatever they can to STOP THE STEAL.  The future of the American Republic depends on it … as does the fate of the American people in light of Joe Biden’s stolen presidency.

State of the Nation
November 8, 2022

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