Treacherous RINOs McCarthy and McConnell both need to be tarred and feathered before they are drawn and quartered for the Democrat stolen elections!

The three top RINO leaders of the
Republican establishment were
individually and collectively
responsible for providing a very
conducive environment for the
Democrats to steal every election
in sight; and with nary an iota of
protest of their biennial election
theft enterprise.  As follows:

Senate Majority Leader — Mitch McConnell

House Minority Leader — Kevin McCarthy

Chairwoman of the Republican Party —
Ronna Romney McDaniel

Really, what is the niece of super-RINO Mitt Romney
doing as head of the GOP.  Her support of the most
independent candidates was nothing more than
passive sabotage and willful neglect.

As for McConnell and McCarthy, those two traitorous
reprobates went out of their way to assist the Democrat
steals beginning at the very start of this election cycle.
Neither of them had any business whatsoever even being in
the GOP much less occupying the top two congressional
leadership positions. Now how did they even get there?!

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
November 9, 2022



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