SOTN Editor’s Note: The following HUGE developments rapidly occurring in the state of Florida mark the beginning of the end of the Covid Plandemic.  Governor Ron DeSantis has taken the lead, since the very start of this greatest manmade public health disaster in world history, in destroying the official Covid narrative.  No one in government so cleverly exposes the countless criminal conspiracies committed by the corrupt Covidian Cult like Ron does.  Each of the Florida state government endeavors listed below has the potential to torpedo the Covid “Titanic” well before it’s sunk after hitting the iceberg of public outrage and inevitable retribution.  That’s why these explosive undertakings, when launched at the same time, represent thee MOAB*.  Truly, this is “THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR”.

*MOAB = Mother of All Bombs

State of the Nation
December 13, 2022

N.B. What follows are just the latest government initiatives launched by the DeSantis administration which are aimed at uncovering COVID-19 truth and Covid ‘vaccine’ factual data.

C&C BREAKING NEWS UPDATE ☙ Tuesday, December 13, 2022 ☙ The Public Health Integrity Committee🦠

Florida just dropped a MOAB on the public health establishment.

Coffee & Covid

I just attended an invite-only zoom (streamed online) with Governor DeSantis, medical and scientific experts, and vaccine-injured people. What the Governor announced justifies a special update. I’ll give you guys more detail tomorrow, but here are four critical announcements:

  1. Governor DeSantis filed a petition with the Florida Supreme Court to impanel a Grand Jury to investigate wrongdoing connected with the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’.
  2. Florida has created a new “Public Health Integrity Committee”, including expert researchers that can critically review the public health guidance coming from federal agencies like the CDC and the NIH, and provide independent, evidence-based guidance to Floridians. The Governor said other states would join Florida.
  3. The Legislature will introduce a new bill to protect physicians’ independent judgment, their First Amendment rights, and their right to dissent from the Administration-enforced orthodox narrative.
  4. Since the CDC won’t do it, Florida’s Surgeon General is initiating a scientific surveillance study of the incidence of death from myocarditis within a few weeks of Covid-19. They’ll be working with scientists from the University of Florida.

You can watch the recorded panel here (~90 minutes).



The highly radioactive content found in the following link fleshes out the skeleton of the outline posted above: SPECIAL REPORT: Florida Blows ‘Covid Killing Scheme’ Wide Open (Videos).



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