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SOTN Editor’s Note: The following “Report on the Biden Laptop” is undoubtedly the most authoritative and comprehensive published to date.  This 644-page research project serves in its own right as a scathing indictment of not only the Biden Crime Family but also of the major law enforcement organs of the U.S. Federal Government.

The highly inculpating information and data contained in this report especially reveals both the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation to be institutionalized criminal protection operations for VIPs.  At the very least, hundreds of federal employees could be charged with “misprision of felony” based on the corroborated facts in the exhaustive “bill of particulars” that follows.

To the main point regarding the primary subjects of this criminal investigation — co-conspirators Hunter Biden and Joe Biden — they have both been proven GUILTY BEYOND ALL REASONABLE DOUBT where it concerns the blatant violation of multiple criminal and civil statutes of the United States Code.

In point of fact, the Biden father and son crime duo represented a highly organized international crime syndicate whose criminal activities went way beyond the brazenly transparent crime spree already reported throughout the Alt Media.

Truly, the Marco Polo research group has performed a great service for the American people.  The remarkable acquisition and extraordinarily in-depth examination of volumes of verified proof will provide future prosecutors with an unparalleled motherlode of actionable evidence.

That the entire Mainstream Media had access to much of this incriminating evidence well before the 2020 POTUS election only confirms that all of Big Media was determined to illicitly cover up the Biden’s global crime scene.  Hence, the participating corporate media magnates, themselves, can likewise be held to account by the American people for their premeditated perpetration of this ongoing criminal cover-up of what is perhaps the greatest crime wave committed by a presidential candidate in U.S. political history.

KEY POINT: Based on this and other criminal investigations, Joe
Biden was and is permanently disqualified from holding any public
office in the U.S. Federal Government. See: Joe Biden is prohibited
from holding public office in the US government—Here’s why!

State of the Nation
December 31, 2022

N.B. The extremely radioactive report posted below ought to be disseminated far and wide.  Criminal investigators should consider downloading their own personalized unhackable copy on a dedicated computer that’s never connected to the Internet.  Producing a hard copy would also be good insurance policy.

*Given the explicit nature of the content on the Hunter Biden laptop,
this graphic report is for adults only.

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