The United States of America now has a
Khazarian-created “Sodom and Gomorrah”
strategically located in every region of the country.

Submitted by Concerned Christians Exposing Cultural Marxism
State of the Nation

Each the following 24 major American cities was quite stealthily transformed into a “Sodom and Gomorrah” with highly purposeful design.

New York City & Philadelphia
San Francisco & San Jose
Washington, DC & Baltimore
Los Angeles & San Diego
& Detroit
Las Vegas & Denver
New Orleans
& Nashville
& Portland
Miami & Fort Lauderdale
Atlanta & Charlotte
Boston & Providence
Houston & Dallas
Minneapolis & Saint Louis
Austin & Sacramento

Do you see how the Khazarian-directed cultural marxists purposefully took over all of the American cities rich in history and once full of the revolutionary spirit of the Founding Fathers?

Which is why so many urban historical landmarks and statues honoring them have been tragically demolished and/or removed.

There are many other key cities and historical sites throughout the 50 states that have also been targeted by the Khazarian Cabal, over many decades, which are similarly used to advance their devastating agenda of Cultural Marxism.

The Khazarian’s highly organized “Pivotal City Takeover Strategy” is really quite simple.

First, the Ashkenazi banksters and bagmen regularly finance the election campaigns of the most unethical and immoral, corrupted and compromised, bribed and blackmailed Democrat candidates (almost always black politicians) for mayor and the city council seats.  Likewise, the most important city official positions are given to extremely incompetent blacks, and especially those with hidden criminal backgrounds.  This is exactly what international criminal George Soros has done for decades, particularly in his systematic corruption of state, county and city public offices.  In point of fact, there are hundreds of traitorous Rothschild bagman just like Soros who are surreptitiously following the very same playbook.

Then, the city and county attorneys, as well as DAs (who are often so-called Jewish lawyers and Zionist attorneys) keep those city leaders in check with regard to every important official action and mayoral decision.  They are present in every single City Council and County Commission meeting whereby no one, but no one, ever makes a move without the explicit approval of the City or County Attorney.  Where it concerns the Criminal and Civil Justice Systems, similar levers of control are pulled and buttons are pushed to keep everyone on the Khazarian plantation.  Truly, “Whoever administers the law and controls the judiciary, owns and operates the whole place.”

Lastly, the Khazarian Mafia is always ready to flex its muscles whenever the threat of violent enforcement is necessary to keep an installed politician or city official in line.  And, they don’t even have to do anything physical; all they ever ask the wavering politician or judge or DA or city manager is: “Do you wanna be JFKed?!”   This is precisely why cities such as Chicago and Detroit, Baltimore and Philadelphia, San Fan and LA have become hopeless hellholes that are now so crime-ridden because the rule of the jungle prevails by purposeful design.  New York City is the perfect example of Democrat politicians cultivating an extremely conducive environment for rampant criminality and institutional corruption to reign supreme.

Once the Khazarian Cabal exerts firm control over any pivotal city in this manner, they dispatch their Democrat and RINO cultural marxists across the state to sufficiently pollute every single county, city and town in order to flip them into the “Sodom and Gomorrah” column.

This stealthy tactic has most recently worked like a charm in both Colorado and Georgia. First the Khazarians completely took over Denver, followed by Colorado Springs and then other cities fell. Same with Georgia: Atlanta was totally corrupted first which was then followed by Savannah and other cities. This is how the juggernaut of Cultural Marxism is currently rolling across the land—first in the biggest cities; and then they beam out their utterly depraved LGBTQIA messaging across the state.

KEY POINT: There’s a very, VERY, serious method to their cultural marxist madness which is well explained in the following critical exposé.  The truth be told, the ONLY reason why this article was posted is to share the extremely crucial and highly radioactive truth found here: Indian-American Attorney Lays Bare the MOST DANGEROUS Khazarian Conspiracy to Collapse the American Republic

What can be said about such a nationwide predicament?

What can possibly be done about reversing what appears to be an irreparable tearing of America’s social fabric?!

At this very late date, there’s really only one thing that can be done to restore the American Republic to: ONE NATION UNDER GOD.


In view of this accelerating controlled demolition of the Republic, every God-fearing Christian patriot ought to understand that they should PRAY like there’s no tomorrow … because if they don’t, there won’t be a tomorrow.

Concerned Christians Exposing Cultural Marxism
State of the Nation
January 17, 2023

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