CEDAR KEY, FLORIDA: NWO Geoterrorists Morph Island Enclave Into Another “Maui Armageddon”

Only this time a
Hurricane-triggered DELUGE
was geoegineered instead of a
Hurricane-driven FIRESTORM


Submitted by Weather War Watcher
State of the Nation

Make no mistake, the New World Order weather warriors are at it again in Florida.  Those inveterate geoterrorists know that there’s no better opportunity to hijack the devastating forces of Mother Nature than Hurricane Season … especially when the globalist perps can harness those ferocious forces to inflict awesome damage on a targeted city or state with pluperfect “plausible deniability”.

Of course, the main reason for manufacturing all of these super-dramatic weather calamities and earth cataclysms is to produce a glaring advertisment for the utterly fake CO-driven Global Warming narrative.  However, there are also many other objectives to carrying out geoterrorism operations such as OPERATION HURRICANE IDALIA.

For example, sending a loud and clear message to Gov. Ron DeSantis to stop trying to leave the NWO reservation is just one goal.  This superstorm, after all, was directed right to the east of Tallahassee, Florida as a HUGE shot across the bow.  Just take a close look at what Hurricane Idalia just did to Perry, Florida HERE to grasp what could have easily been done to Tallahassee.  See the “Open Letter to Gov. DeSantis” that follows:

Look it, the globalists will not let you get anywhere near the White House in light of your having left the NWO reservation. You have exposed (and are prosecuting) the weaponized Covid injections as no other government official in the USA. You have profoundly thwarted the woke agenda throughout the Sunshine State, even going after their ‘sacred’ corrupt corporate cow Disney. You have already removed two Soros-backed lawless DAs and seriously threatened other criminal cultural marxists in key positions. You have completely stopped the outright invasion by illegal aliens with the strongest laws in the country banning their hiring. You have totally exposed and shut down the Critical Race Theory bullshit as well as restored much order to classrooms across the state. You have even sent illegal immigrants packing…on buses to sanctuary cities and states.  And, you have repeatedly mocked and undermined the absurd Climate Change fraud at every turn of event.  You have also … … …

The NWO perps are doing everything in their power to totally wreck and ruin the Sunshine State because it now proudly wears the moniker of “Freedom State”.  The following exposé clearly delineates the many acts of catastrophic geoterrorism which have been stealthily executed in Florida since 2018 for the aforementioned and other Agenda 2030-related reasons.

Florida Under Withering Weather Attacks
For Five Straight Years

Drone-taken photos reveal extreme damage, flooding from Hurricane Idalia landfall near Keaton Beach, just a few miles from Perry, Florida

It’s entirely true that POTUS candidate Ron DeSantis is the single greatest threat to the NWO agenda who the globalist will never allow into the Oval Office.  Hence, Hurricane Idalia was the quickest way to get Florida’s governor off the campaign trail—fast and for a good long while.  The perps know that DeSantis is way too responsible and competent not to stay on top of every aspect of the long recovery process, which he will surely do.

Climate Change advertisement

But perhaps the most important aim behind aiming these superstorms directly at the power state of Florida is to “shock and awe” the many wealthy and powerful, rich and famous residents into believing the geoengineered Climate Change hoax.

Yes, climate patterns around the world were changing before the first chemtrail was ever sprayed and the first “HAARP” station was operational, however, the NWO perps will never stop exacerbating weather conditions via covertly geoengineering this slow-moving trend until they have established their One World Government.  For there is no better advertisement than the unrelenting wacky and wild weather events geoengineered in high-profile places and famous locations such as those found throughout Florida, California, Hawaii, etc.

Most folks are unaware of just how central geoengineered Global Warming truly is to the Great Reset implementation plan.  The globalists desperately need an exceedingly dire global crisis to rally the entire world community of nations around.  That crisis is obviously the ultra-hyped Climate Change crisis since there is no other bogeyman scary enough to stampede populations everywhere into the pen of NWO compliance.

Cedar Key

Just like the Hawaiian paradise of Maui, the idyllic enclave of Cedar Key, Florida was selected for complete destruction by the NWO cabal.  Not only is it a historic cultural and artistic center on Florida’s west coast, the island is a fiercely independent haven for folks that really want their freedoms who come from both the Left and the Right.

Cedar Key also happens to be located in the most vulnerable storm surge region in the whole world.  Therefore, it made for a very juicy target for the NWO geoengineers to prey upon, which they did with terrible geooterrorist effect.

The perps also quite purposefully timed this apocalyptic weather attack perfectly with the closest supermoon of the year.  As follows:

There are many other tricks of the trade such as the intentional timing of these superstorms with the full moon when the tides are the highest, thereby causing the highest and most damaging storm surges along the targeted coastline. For example, Hurricane Idalia is projected to make landfall on the west coast of Florida on Wednesday, August 30th. This is the same day as the second full moon to occur in August, which also happens to be the closest supermoon to the Earth in 2023 (supermoons create the largest tidal waves). Which is exactly why Idalia was meticulously manufactured to hit Florida on that specific and fateful day.


The only reason why the NWO geoterrorists are able to get away with one weather attack after another, one geoterrorist operation after another, is because so many people refuse to see the obvious.  They adamantly resist looking into all of the hard scientific evidence and irrefutable proof that so many superstorms, as well as other overwhelming weather and earth cataclysms, are patently manufactured by DARPA-made geoweaponry.

This stark reality has allowed this extremely sad state of affairs to persist, as it will for years to come until,  YOU, “geoengineering denier” and “chemtrail doubter” and “geoweaponry skeptic” and “weather warfare cynic” are also forced out of your home or off your land by a full-blown geoterrorist attack.  BEWARE & BE FOREWARNED!!!

Here’s what happens when a DEW is aimed
right at a moving vehicle! (Video)

Weather War Watcher
State of the Nation
August 31, 2023

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