Is this state set to become the next Maui?!

2023 WEATHER WARFARE: Will Florida be under a withering superstorm attack by the NWO geoengineers—AGAIN?!

An Open Letter to Gov. Ron DeSantis

Dear Governor DeSantis:

Last year the state of Florida was the victim of the only two major hurricanes to hit the United States mainland. As you well know, the extraordinarily devastating superstorm Ian hit before the election and Hurricane Nicole made landfall on the Atlantic coast two days after your victory. Both, as you have been informed with hard evidence, were geoengineered BY PURPOSEFUL DESIGN.

Now we see that TROPICAL STORM IDALIA has formed in the Gulf of Mexico and tracking right toward Tallahassee. Surely you understand that this is no quirk of fate or crazy coincidence. Regardless of where these frankenstorms hit, the state capital always seems to be in the crosshairs in the beginning of the storm’s projected trajectory. Are you getting the message yet?!?!?!

A close review of the official hurricane record will show that three hurricanes in a row have never struck Florida before. Which means that Florida — once again — is the target of withering weather warfare. See: UNPRECEDENTED!!! NWO Geoengineers Aiming Third Major Hurricane in a Row Right at Florida

Gov. DeSantis, you saw what the NWO geoterrorists just did to Maui. You have seen how the same pyroterrorists are literally burning down Canada … Greece, Spain and other targeted nations to a lesser degree.

Look it, the globalists will not let you get anywhere near the White House in light of your having left the NWO reservation. You have exposed (and are prosecuting) the weaponized Covid injections as no other government official in the USA. You have profoundly thwarted the woke agenda throughout the Sunshine State, even going after their ‘sacred’ corrupt corporate cow Disney. You have already removed two Soros-backed lawless DAs and seriously threatened other criminal cultural marxists in key positions. You have completely stopped the outright invasion by illegal aliens with the strongest laws in the country banning their hiring. You have totally exposed and shut down the Critical Race Theory bullshit as well as restored much order to classrooms across the state. You have even sent illegal immigrants packing…on buses to sanctuary cities and states. You have … … …

Hopefully, you get the picture: that you will never — EVER — be permitted to occupy the Oval Office.

So why not use your high platform during this election cycle to expose, once and for all, the exceedingly destructive weather warfare being waged against the American people.

You know that the US citizenry is victimized by a manufactured weather disaster of some sort, practically every week of the year, somewhere in the 50 states. Yes, the wild and wacky weather has been pushed to extremes for reasons the globalists will never disclose. However, that doesn’t mean the NWO geoengineers don’t routinely take advantage of this now volatile situation by dramatically intensifying many of those unusual weather events and unnatural climate patterns. Then they aim these storms at places like Tallahassee to pose a direct threat to the current state administration—YOU! (What better way to pull you off the campaign trail than to force you back to Florida to do your job.)

Depopulation, Climate Change, and Weather Weapons (Video)

After experiencing Ian and Nicole firsthand … and seeing what they just did to Maui … and hearing about the unparalleled Texas heat wave that’s baking the Lone Star State out of existence, what else do you need to know or understand to champion this most important of all causes? Really?!?!

Massive CHEMTRAIL operation conducted right over the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee, Florida

We know you see how they forever spray chemtrails above Tallahassee because our home office is just a few miles from your office and residence here in the capital. Since Biden was criminally installed as POTUS, they have been spraying North Florida like mad. No one has ever seen anything like this. Even the landscapers and builders are constantly complaining about the completely unpredictable and uncooperative weather as though Florida now suddenly has a full-blown monsoon season.

The Sunshine State has been geoengineered
into the “Chemcloud Cover State”

Gov. DeSantis: If there’s one more GREAT service you can render to the rapidly collapsing American Republic, it’s exposing this terrible regime of relentless geoterrorism and pyroterrorism, geoengineering and weather warfare, chemical geoengineering and climate engineering, weather modification and atmospheric manipulation, solar radiation management and HAARP technologies, etc.

Quite frankly, that you have not already made very public these extremely destructive and deadly crimes against humanity is a mystery to us, especially in view of so many other bold and brave initiatives you’ve undertaken.


Concerned Residents of Florida





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