WEATHER WEAPON HURRICANE IDALIA: You don’t know what you don’t know

All Floridians and especially vacationers:

Florida Under Withering Weather Attacks
For Five Straight Years

Submitted by Weather Wars Watcher
SOTN Exclusive

The very day that Florida set itself up as America’s premier (and only) FREEDOM STATE, it has found itself in the crosshairs of the New World Order globalist cabal.

KEY POINT: The last three major hurricanes to hit the United States mainland — IN A ROW — have all made landfall in Florida with Idalia expected to be the third.  This has never happened before in Hurricane Season history. And, by the way, two of the older SOTN editors are long-term residents of Florida and they never saw a constant procession of superstorms as the geoegineered hurricanes of today.  The NWO weather warriors have been slowly and stealthily conditioning the Southeast populace to accept this new normal, which is actually a regime of geoterrorism for political distraction and climate crisis manipulation purposes, among other malevolent goals.  End of story!

For the uninitiated, there is no more powerful weapon in the cabal’s arsenal than weather weaponry.  The NWO geoengineers can manufacture a super-powerful Cat 5 hurricane and slam it into any coastline on US territory … … … and enjoy perfect “plausible deniability” because they carried out their catastrophic geoterrorist attack in the middle of Hurricane Season.

Really, what better way to carry out a devastating false flag attack against a selected target when Mother Earth can be so easily be blamed.  In fact, weather warfare has become the #1 way of inflicting major damage on perceived enemies of the tyrannical US government, both foreign and domestic.

This is the exact predicament that the FREEDOM STATE of Florida has been in for the past 5 years.  This definite and now indisputable pattern of weather invasions against Florida began with Hurricane Michael in October of 2018 the year that Ron DeSantis narrowly defeated Andrew Gillum. See: HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targeting Tallahassee and Florida Panhandle—Why!

A very important discussion of what was actually happened with Hurricane Michael as a very stealthy sneak attack can be read here:

Sneak Attack

The salient point here is that Hurricane Michael was a sneak attack on the North Florida populace that rarely leaves the area during BIG storms.  They were tricked, as we were also tricked here in Tallahassee Florida.  Unless you were watching every move this superstorm made, it was very easy to underestimate it.

What the geoengineers did was abruptly change the direction of  Michael while rapidly intensifying it into a Cat 5 hurricane-tornado.  Then they slammed it right into Mexico City Beach wiping out the entire town as it made landfall. The calamitous frankenstorm then went on to cut a swath of unparalleled death and destruction through north Florida as well as southern Georgia and Alabama the likes of which has never been seen before.  It was like a weather ‘nuclear bomb’ was dropped according to an SOTN editor who drove from Tallahassee to Pensacola shortly after Michael hit.

As a consequence, hundreds of those (perhaps even thousands) in the hurricane strike zone paid with their lives.  Many others sustained serious life-threatening injuries and complete loss of property.  A vast majority of folks in the direct path of Michael will suffer from some sort of storm-related PTSD for the rest of their lives, so great was the trauma.  It was a truly terrifying superstorm that caught so many unaware because it was planned that way by the globalist perpetrators.

What made this hurricane-tornado so destructive is that it combined the worst aspects of a hurricane and tornado.  As follows:

KEY POINT: TPTB had their geoengineers manufacture what was essentially a “hurricane tornado” of the same technological type and raw power as Hurricane Andrew in Augest of 1992.  It’s common knowledge among superstorm researchers that thousands of people died during and after that cataclysmic hurricane that hit Homestead Florida in August of 1992.   The vast majority of those deaths, as well as the many serious injuries, were never recorded by the state nor reported by the mainstream media.  That’s the way it always is so that government doesn’t look bad. See: Hurricane Michael and the US Govt Coverup (Video)[1]

What realistic defense does any community ever have against a hurricane tornado?

That’s right: there is no defense for property, and the only sane alternative to protect one’s person would be to escape the wrath of wind and water by every means possible once it rears its ugly head too close to hearth and home.  In other words, you get the hell out of Dodge…before there is no ‘Dodge City’ left!
(SOURCE: ‘SNEAK ATTACK’! Hurricane Michael was a 9/11-style false flag weather attack on conservative North Florida.)

Weather Weapon Hurricane Ian

Then there was the highly weaponized Hurricane Ian of September 2022. That act of weather terrorism is explained as follows:

*Whether Tropical Storm Ian originated naturally or was geoengineered from its inception is not discussed in this report.  This paper is only concerned with the development of this superstorm once it passed over Cuba and headed toward the Peninsula of Florida.

The following video captured the satellite imagery of Hurricane Ian as it was purposefully stalled off the southwest coast of Florida and greatly intensified into a borderline Cat 5 superstorm.  The NWO geoengineers carried out this act of intentional geoterrorism by utilizing a “weather wheel”, the massive spraying of metalized chemtrail aerosols, Nexrad transmission stations as well as a HAARP-level ionospheric heater.

Only time will tell what the globalist plans to do with this highly choreographed false flag attack on the Florida peninsula (false flag because these Frankenstorms are falsely blamed on Mother Nature when the NWO geoengineers are truly responsible).

Nevertheless, it’s for certain that the geoengineers will use this opportunity to further perfect their weather warfare technology via chemical engineering and HAARP frequency generators, as well as integrate the NEXRAD Doppler radar transmitters and massive moisture-producing power plants into the technological mix.

Now see the video link below to view the exact location of the various Nexrad transmitting stations in and around Florida which were used to carry out this patently geoterrorist act known as OPERATION HURRICANE IAN.

Here’s how they methodically intensified and meticulously
steered Hurricane Ian into southwest Florida. (Video)

The video that follows was posted under the title: “It looks like the geoengineers are both stalling and intensifying Hurricane Ian off Florida’s west coast to maximize storm surge“.  It was first published on Wednesday morning as the SOTN Investigation Team watched the superstorm being obviously pumped full of energy as it inexplicably sat off the coast of Florida.

VIDEO: HURRICANE IAN storm chaser footage as
superstorm approaches category 5

The next video quite clearly demonstrates the enormous chemtrail spraying operation being conducted all over the state of Florida on Tuesday, September 27, as a preparation of the atmosphere for both a devastating landfall and the subsequent overwhelming rain events statewide the following day.

Massive Chemical Engineering Operation throughout
Florida Skies in Advance of Ian’s Landfall

Another major geoengineering signature can be seen in this very telling screenshot of the entire Eastern Seaboard and way beyond.  Surely the “Internet Censorship Regime” never imagined this satellite imagery would be stumbled upon by a very astute Ian investigator. (Be sure to click on the very impressive image posted in the link below to enlarge.)

GEOENGINEERING SIGNATURE: This satellite imagery captured
a pattern that is not natural; it’s entirely manmade.

Many coastal communities on the southwest Gulf Coast also witnessed some very peculiar behavior by the Gulf of Mexico.  These very unique geoengineering signatures register in the bodies of water that are used to significantly amplify the strength of the Hurricane.  This is yet another telltale sign that geoengineering technologies were used to swiftly transform Ian into a raging Frankestorm within an hour or two.

UNPRECEDENTED! Waters of Tampa Bay eerily recede to
record low levels as Hurricane Ian approached. (Photos)

What’s the critical point?

All of the hard evidence points to the fact that Florida has been the target of two of the most destructive weather weapons ever to hit the continental US in the past five years, both with highly purposeful design.

Because of how much the “climate crazy” globalists want to destroy the Florida economy in order to diminish the popularity of Gov. Ron DeSantis, there’s no quicker and more effective way to accomplish those objectives than to strategically aim superstorms at the Sunshine State as follows:

The NWO climate criminals always conduct their weather warfare during the appropriate seasons when they will enjoy plausible deniability. They did the same thing when geoengineers intentionally aimed Hurricane Ian right at the very RED southwest coast of Florida in late September of 2022 to knock many Republican voters out of that crucial election cycle. Then they came right back after Gov. DeSantis won re-election and smacked Florida with a second hurricane (Nicole) only two days after Election Day. That one-two punch not only destroyed Florida’s citrus crop and severely dented the state’s Tourism Industry, it also drove insurance rates way up and dissuaded many Patriots from following through on their plans to move to the Sunshine State.
(Source: The NWO climate criminals always conduct their weather warfare during the appropriate seasons when they will enjoy plausible deniability.)

Let’s be very real: When you have the only state Surgeon General in the nation profoundly undermining the hopelessly corrupt Biden administration’s criminal response to the next Plandemic 2.0 — Omicron subvariant ERIS — in this fashion, you know Florida will be repeatedly targeted during the 2023 Hurricane Season.

Florida’s Surgeon General Urges Americans
to Refuse to Follow New Mask Mandates

Contrary to what many extremely confused political commentators throughout the entire Alt Media believe about Governor Ron DeSantis, he is the single most dangerous POTUS candidate in the 2024 election cycle.

But why?

Because no one — BUT NO ONE — in U.S history has ever dared to take on the globalists the way he has.  Everyone else talks a BIG game, but DeSantis has done the dirty deeds in direct contravention of the multifarious and nefarious NWO agenda—THAT’S WHY!!!

How so?

Look it, the globalists will not let you get anywhere near the White House in light of your having left the NWO reservation. You have exposed (and are prosecuting) the weaponized Covid injections as no other government official in the USA. You have profoundly thwarted the woke agenda throughout the Sunshine State, even going after their ‘sacred’ corrupt corporate cow Disney. You have already removed two Soros-backed lawless DAs and seriously threatened other criminal cultural marxists in key positions. You have virtually stopped the outright invasion by illegal aliens with the strongest laws in the country banning their hiring. You have totally exposed and shut down the Critical Race Theory bullshit as well as restored much order to classrooms across the state. You have even sent illegal immigrants packing…on buses to sanctuary cities and states. You have … … …
(SOURCE: An Open Letter to Gov. Ron DeSantis)

And the foregoing list of ‘serious sins’ committed by Gov. DeSantis only scratches the surface.  No wonder why the NWO geoterrorist perps are aiming yet another hurricane at Tallahassee; there’s simply no better way to get dangerous DeSantis off the campaign trail.  Which means that Florida will be targeted with frankenstorms right up until Thursday, November 30, 2023.

Superstorm PTSD

Although you never hear about it from the ever-perfidious CIA’s Mockingbird Media, Superstorm PTSD is a very real and highly debilitating psychological disorder.

In point of fact, there are many Florida residents who seek regular treatment for the post-traumatic stress disorder they develop from living in Hurricane Alley.

Which means that every time a geoenginnered storm is directed at their area, their often incapacitating PTSD symptoms are triggered with terrible effect.  This continuous hurricane season dynamic only makes for an anxious populace which ultimately affects the general mood of the whole state.  After all, we are all deeply connected during these weather wars not too unlike the war vets who come back home with their severe cases of PTSD.

As if to add a brutal insult to this psychological injury, see what the NWO planners of this geoterrorist operation have just done on the WEST COAST OF FLORIDA where Hurricane Idalia is tracking along and expected to make landfall:



Please circulate this urgent “Open Letter” as far and wide as possible before the NWO geoterrorists morph Florida into another Maui.

2023 WEATHER WARFARE: Will Florida be under a withering
superstorm attack by the NWO geoengineers—AGAIN?!

Weather Wars Watcher
State of the Nation
August 28, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: It’s of paramount importance for every hurricane truth seeker to correctly understand how this geoterrorism game really works.  First the geoengineers either manufacture a storm in the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico from scratch, or they hijack a naturally formed storm (storms made in the GOM are more often geoengineered from scratch).  Then they use their various advanced weather weaponry technologies such as Chemical Geoengineering via Chemtrail Spraying and HAARP Emitters and Nexrad Radar Stations and Water Vapor-producing Power Plants to both steer and modulate the hurricane weapons according to the weather war plan.  The NOAA and NHC criminal co-conspirators then put out fabricated data/info that fully supports the entire storm-tracking operation.  In other words the perps first predict the superstorms, then they make them happen right on time and in the right place.  However, this highly coordinated attack almost always sees a wrong prediction – ON PURPOSE – at the very end of the storm’s trajectory, which then catches the coastal communities completely off guard because the hurricane is deliberately turned right into the coastline, sometimes at a perfect right angle.

There are many other tricks of the trade such as the intentional timing of these superstorms with the full moon when the tides are the highest, thereby causing the highest and most damaging storm surges along the targeted coastline.  For example, Hurricane Idalia is projected to make landfall on the west coast of Florida on Wednesday, August 30th. This is the same day as the second full moon to occur in August, which also happens to be the closest supermoon to the Earth in 2023 (supermoons create the largest tidal waves).  Which is exactly why Idalia was meticulously manufactured to hit Florida on that specific and fateful day.  And, tracking right toward Tallahassee, Florida’s capital.  It’s also no coincidence that the perps chose Labor Day weekend to wreck and ruin as they frequently do.

Special Note to all weather warfare watchers, geoterrorism investigators and weather weapon researchers: please closely monitor the behavior and trajectory of Hurricane Idalia very, VERY  closely form this point onward. Especially be sure to grab screenshots of any pertinent satellite imagery and the projections posted at this NOAA link: Coastal Watches/Warnings and Forecast Cone for Storm Center.  Of course, Florida folks anywhere near the eye of the storm needs to watch every single move by the perps, every alteration in both direction and intensity.  Have a plan for any contingency and get out now if you haven’t already if you reside in those worst storm surge areas.  The storm surge form Idalia may end up being the worst on record.

Profuse prayers to everyone impacted by this geoterrorist attack!

Video Reference

HURRICANE CONTROL: Here’s how they do it (Video)

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