BIG MIKE! Just WTF is really going on?

The Donkey Democrats have only one hope on Election Day 2024…..

…and even then they’ll have to steal it
even more than they did in 2020.

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation

Exactly who is their secret weapon?

You guessed it: BIG MIKE!

For those who doubt that Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama has been running this scam on the American people for decades read this:

Michelle Obama really is Big Mike

What’s the critical point of this political (and anatomical) analysis?

First, that the Democrat Party has absolutely no one to run with in 2024 as far as their utterly satanic current leadership is concerned.

Biden is history.  Trump accurately stated in 2020 that: “Biden doesn’t even know he’s alive!”

Harris is unelectable.  That cackling and screeching laugh somehow did her in … after all the word salads sunk her ship.

Newsom has totally wrecked and ruined California so much so that even Hollywood Liberals and Beverly Hills Democrats now detest him.

We’re told that Diane Feinstein is no longer available.

Adam Schiff is still VERY busy leaking highly classified info to just about anyone but Russia when he’s not embroiled in shocking scandals like this: Adam Schiff’s Crime Scene at The Standard Hotel Exposed by Key Eyewitness

Bad actress Nancy Pelosi always spends October getting ready to assume her perennial role as the “Wicked Witch of the West” on Halloween … so also not available right now.

Jamie Ruskin is apparently going to join the E Street Band after guitarist Steven Van Zandt gave him his own bandanna as a “chemo head-cover fashion”.  How cool, Jamie!  Really cool!!!

“Forever the flamethrower” Daniel Goldman has alienated everyone in the House, the Senate, the SCOTUS, the Executive Branch, etc. even more than Jamie Ruskin has.

Now just where does that leave us, or them.  Oh, yeah, that leaves us with only BIG MIKE.

However, even BIG MIKE — believe it or not — has a bit of an image problem.  As follows:

Nevertheless, BIG MIKE‘s well concealed masters in the Swiss CIA seem determined to launch her/his candidacy one way or another, just as they did with gay husband Barack.

It’s Official, Michelle Obama aka ‘Big Mike’
Set to Announce Presidential Run


The Donkey Democrats really have set themselves up for an epic failure in 2024.

Either they will call off the elections like their super-hero Zelensky did in Ukraine … … … or they will nominate BIG MIKE.

Now you know why RFK, Jr. is re-declaring his candidacy completely outside of the communist-run Democrat Party this October.  He knows that he has already tarnished his brand BADLY by even running as a Democrat in 2023, especially with a BIG MIKE soon to declare.

Of course, there’s really only one way that BIG MIKE could pull this off.

The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
October 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: If the DEMs do roll with BIG MIKE, there’s one reason more than any other: to further build-out the cataclysmic Obamanation.  And, to protect all of the Obama era corruptocrats (including Joe Biden) from serious criminal prosecutions.


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