Florida’s “Murder Trial of the Century” Foreshadows…..

…the Great Divide Between America’s Right
and Left Beginning With the Declaration of
Donald Trump in June of 2015

The Tale of Two Tallahassee Attorneys:
First Marriage, Then Murder

Submitted by An Armchair Trial Analyst 
SOTN Exclusive

The Biggest and Most Riveting Murder Trial(s)
in Florida History is Much Bigger Than a Simple

I knew that when the headline appeared in the Tallahassee Democrat on Friday, July 18, 2014, about the brutal murder of a popular FSU law professor and prominent Florida attorney that something very BIG had happened.  And, living only 4 miles from the crime scene as the crow flies, I was immediately compelled to investigate the most likely murder theories.

At first glance, I thought for sure that this obvious hit on lawyer Dan Markel was directly related to the following legal endeavor:

He [Dan Markel] was a consultant for the defense in a federal prosecution in New Jersey involving rabbis accused of extortion by the FBI.[1]

For reasons that are way too complicated to explain in this short commentary, over 9 years went by before I had heard anything else about this case.  Then, just over two weeks ago it came to my attention that 4 individuals had been convicted for the murder of Dan Markel, and that his former mother-in-law had been indicted for murder just after her son — Charlie Adelson — was also convicted of the killing.

What is absolutely certain is that Dan’s ex-wife, attorney Wendi Adelson, will also be indicted and convicted for this grisly murder.  Which makes 6 altogether…so far.

When’s the last time 6 co-conspirators were convicted of a single murder anywhere in the USA?

And that does not include Wendi Adelson’s father — Dr. Harvey J Adelson, DDS — a distinguished dentist also living in the Fort Lauderdale area with his wife Donna, son Charlie and daughter Wendi; as well as with with Dan Markel’s two sons.  His part — if any — in this criminal conspiracy has yet to be uncovered.

The Murder Plot

The motive behind this straightforward murder-for-hire plot is really quite simple: Dan’s former wife Wendi wanted to live in Fort Lauderdale with her two children and he filed the necessary legal motions to prevent it, thus keeping all three in Tallahassee.   From all the most recent testimony given during Charlie’s trial, it became clear that grandmother Donna was not happy with that arrangement—AT ALL.

~~~ End of Story ~~~


Dan was raised in a very religious Jewish household and was a practicing Orthodox Jew.  He was especially conservative in the ways by which he was raising his 2 boys.

Wendi was raised in a strictly secular Jewish family with little or no practice of Judaism.  Fort Lauderdale, being the secret LGBTQIA+ capital of the world, is where she was absolutely determined to raise her kids.

But how does this extremely sad affair “Foreshadow the Great Divide Between America’s Right and Left Beginning With the Declaration of Donald Trump in June of 2015″?

Think about it.

One side of the family is very conservative; the other side is very liberal.

The libs, who want their way … and who will get their way come hell or high water, concoct a murder plot to whack the conservative without the slightest fear of getting caught or suffering any consequences.

It looks “hell” has come first for all of these cold-blooded murderers—four in prison, two more on the way, and a seventh may break the all-time Florida record. Wow!  Just WOW!!!

Bottom Line: The Left really does feel they are entitled to carry out their satanic agendas and communist plots anyway, anywhere, anytime they so choose.  And, there’s absolutely nothing they won’t do to achieve their nefarious objectives and evil ambitions.

One last question: Is it possible that the FBI somehow abetted this murder plot which gave the Adelson family the distinct impression that they could kill Dan with absolute impunity?

State of the Nation
November 22, 2023


[1] Dan Markel

[2] Donna Adelson arrested on charges of first-degree murder as she and husband attempted to flee to Vietnam with one-way ticket

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