WTF just happened?!?!?! Five Days Of Total Chaos Over? Sam Altman Returns As OpenAI CEO — Here’s the inside scoop

SOTN Editor’s Note: The whole OpenAI affair comes down to one issue—maintaining the safety of AI development so that all of humanity is not threatened by what could be the most dangerous “Frankenstein” ever created—Autonomous Superintelligence (AS).  For AS is, by far, the single greatest danger in the firmament of AI advancement today.

Sam Altman wants to be able to conduct unbridled AI experimentation and AS development, whereas some of the adults on the board who fired him want adequate safeguards on and meaningful oversight over the entire process.  They also believe that he exceeded his authority by not informing the board of some weighty expansion matters which could have put the enterprise in serious jeopardy.

“According to reports, Altman was let go after OpenAI’s chief scientist, Ilya Sutskever, brought his concerns about Altman’s leadership to the board. Sutskever was allegedly worried about the speed Altman was moving at and how AI safety issues were taking a backseat.” 

By going over to Microsoft, a tech company without an iota conscience, Altman knew his leadership would be unquestioned.  So, he finessed his firing to incite all of his personal hires to leave with him, thereby coercing the board to reverse his dismissal, which they have just done.

However, this fight is not over; not by a long shot.  Elon Musk, who is a big initial investor of Open AI, is much more concerned with AI safety issues than creating an all-powerful “Frankenstein” that can live forever.  As follows:

What all of this means is that the battle lines have been drawn between those heavy hitters who want AI safety first and the big guns who want technological progress as fast as possible.  So you know this cat fight is gonna get very ugly.  The dark side might even unleash their latest cyborg on Musk et al. for attempting to thwart their extremely perilous and highly misguided agenda.

Oh, and by the way, that agenda is nothing short of “Human Immortality” for the power elite while we ‘useless eaters’ agonizingly wallow in a stew pot of transhumanism.

State of the Nation
November 22, 2023



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