What better way for the NWO globalist cabal to ‘celebrate’
JFK’s assassination anniversary than to blow up a
Niagara Falls border crossing during Thanksgiving week.
Such a black op and national psyop would certainly kill
three birds with one stone, yes?  As follows:

State of the Nation

Of course, this so-called terrorist attack by FOX News will obviously be blamed on Hamas or some other obscure Palestinian extremist group.  That is, if it’s not blamed on white supremacists or MAGA militants or domestic terrorists who always vote GOP.

But the timing of this ‘scary’ bombing attack, right in the middle of Thanksgiving travel nationwide, is the perfect way to un-relax everyone into their holiday weekend.  Instead of talking about the ongoing Palestinian genocide and Gaza land grab, they have us distracted by this very convenient car bombing at everyone’s fav honeymoon spot—Niagara Falls.

You have to admit: the Khazarian Mafia certainly knows how to change the national conversation in a New York minute.  Heck, this little bombing is already getting global attention as it was planned to in order to impede normal Thanksgiving discussion about how totally effed up the Biden administration really is.  Never in US history has the entire Executive Branch been labelled an exceedingly dangerous menace to society—ALL SOCIETIES ON EARTH!

Now what better way to completely fake out the public than to float a story such as this one that was just posted at ZeroHedge (not that it does not contain some elements of truth or is even quite factual in a superficial way).

Rich Bentley Driver Caused Niagara Falls Checkpoint
Explosion After Canceled KISS Concert: Report

Really, some guy just decides to smash his 300K Bentley into a Niagara Falls border crossing because of a cancelled KISS concert?

Actually, in view of the “psych vax attacks” that folks are having around the world since the highly toxic Covid ‘vaccines’ were first rolled out, the preceding scenario is entirely possible, except that the gent who did the ramming was apparently set up to make major mischief specifically during Thanksgiving week.

Virtually all false flag mass shootings and bombings conducted across the USA are carried out as Gladio-style terrorist attacks, regardless of who the MSM-identified perpetrator is.  In this way, the New World Order globalist cabal can carry out one attack after another against the American people with absolute impunity.  Because at the end of the day, no one ever knows who the true culprits are (except the top Khazarian decision-makers, of course).

But is it possible that this whole affair was really just a reckless accident caused by a vaxxed-to-the-max driver? (That scenario right there is a HUGE story if true, mind you.)

Honestly, today anything is possible, but the dark side is so desperate to contrive as much chaos, confusion and conflict as necessary to constantly distract the US citizenry from so much government corruption, corporate criminality and institutional malfeasance of every sort and kind.  Hence, in light of this stark reality, every “shock and awe” event like Niagara Falls is suspect—VERY SUSPICIOUS INDEED!

KEY POINT: The whole world is onto them and their never-ending false flag terror operations.  However, that does not diminish their dire need to distract and fearmonger.  Therefore, it’s quite likely that we will see more terrorist attacks in the future that are cloaked in some manner.  In this way the mainstream media first publishes reports about a terror event which serves as the indelible “first impression”; and then they follow it up with a ‘correction’ that no one ever remembers.  This Niagara Falls super drama fits this pattern perfectly.


As always, there can only be one lame conclusion about this most recent NWO episode: that we will never know exactly what happened in Niagara Falls on the biggest travel day of 2023.  When the Empire of Lies lies about everything all the time, how can the American people ever know the truth about anything?!

Which means that this event could have happened exactly the way the CIA’s Mockingbird Media has reported; or, it could be a terrorist car bombing disguised as a freak accident; or, it could be that a planned terrorist attack simply went awry like this: Rainbow Bridge Explosion May Have Been Heading to NYC for Thanksgiving Day Parade Attack?

Bottom Line: Given what’s at stake for the Democrat Party (as well as for the Uniparty), the globalists will use the rest of the 2024 election cycle to create as much chaos and generate as much fear as they can.  For only in this way can they engineer their preferred POTUS ballot outcome while distracting the body politic from the ongoing Covid vax genocide that will never end.  Similarly, the Biden admin needs LOTs of distraction from their treasury-draining Ukraine War debacle as they do from their zealous support of the horrific Palestinian Holocaust and naked Gaza Land Grab.

State of the Nation
November 22, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: Really, how do we know if this explosion was not a remotely controlled assassination or car bombing?  Remember Michael Hastings! See: On the Strange Death of Michael Hastings: Was the Reporter Car-Hacked or Bombed?  And who was that rich Bentley owner anyway?  In other words, we don’t know what we don’t know … about any of this.  None of us do.


Cars Can Be Remote-Controlled For A “Clean” Assassination


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