SOTN Editor’s Note: Now we know why all of these Grand Poobahs who are the carefully selected frontmen for the New World Order globalist cabal are hellbent on attaining human immortality.  Given the massive and egregious crimes against humanity they have perpetrated over decades, who wouldn’t want to live forever in order to avoid eons in hell?!

As for the notorious “Architect of the New World Order” Henry Kissinger, who doesn’t know that a very special place awaits him in the Netherworld.  But why, exactly?


However, to be fair to the genocidal “Jaba the Hutt”, it really does appear that Kissinger experienced some genuine pangs of conscience as he got much older … … … and as he came closer to meeting his very angry Maker.  Certainly he read many of the most vituperative and accurate indictments leveled against him over the years.

Quite uncharacteristically, Kissinger would make peace overtures regarding different geopolitical hotspots and conflict zones, which his own warmongering policies helped create.  The Ukraine War is just one surprising example where he seemed to really play the diplomat; and he took a LOT of flak worldwide for his seemingly well-intentioned initiatives.

The problem is that, in whatever ways he may have sincerely attempted to redeem himself and pay anti-realpolitik reparations for his horrendous legacy, it was way too little way too late.  For he paved the way for all future Secretaries of State to quickly morph into the most horrible warmongers the United States has ever known.

Truly, 56th United States Secretary of State Henry Alfred Kissinger became the quintessential genocidal diplomat who institutionalized gunboat diplomacy as no other nation on Earth has ever done in the modern era.  Now we know why that title is quite aptly shortened as “SOS”.  And what better way to legitimize the US SOS as the world’s premier representative of the global Military Industrial Complex than to award Kissinger the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize after his facilitation of the massacre of millions. See: Kissinger Behind 3 Million Civilian Deaths in Southeast Asia Alone

State of the Nation
November 30, 2023

N.B. The following ‘requiem’ adds more to the cataclysmic legacy of Henry Kissinger.

Ding Dong, the Warlock Is Dead: Kissinger Expires at 100

Ben Bartee
Armageddon Prose

Glory, glory, Hallelujah.

Only the good die young. This bastard made it into the triple digits.

No one, arguably, with the exceptions of Mao and Stalin, was singlehandedly responsible for more human death and suffering in the 20th century than Henry Kissinger. No one serviced the U.S. war machine with more enthusiasm than he did, certainly.

And now he’s gone to meet his maker.

Frankly, a dignified, quiet death in his mansion was much more than Kissinger deserved.

Via CNN:

“Henry Kissinger, a former US secretary of state and national security adviser who escaped Nazi Germany in his youth to become one of the most influential and controversial foreign policy figures in American history, has died. He was 100.

Kissinger died Wednesday at his home in Connecticut, according to a statement from his consulting firm, Kissinger Associates. The firm did not provide a cause of death.

Kissinger was synonymous with US foreign policy in the 1970s. He received a Nobel Peace Prize for helping arrange the end of US military involvement in the Vietnam War and is credited with secret diplomacy that helped President Richard Nixon open communist China to the United States and the West, highlighted by Nixon’s visit to the country in 1972.”

There’s going to be a veritable tsunami of glowing obituaries and teary tributes to the fallen Deep State Capo in the coming days and weeks. It’s all the kind of bullshit we ought to expect from the people who gave a war criminal the Nobel Peace Prize. (They also gave one to Obama, another war criminal, years later.) These degenerates love a good, sick joke.

To borrow a turn of phrase from Christopher Hitchens following the demise of Jerry Falwell, it’s a pity there’s not a hell for Kissinger to go to — only I’m not as certain as the devoted atheist Hitchens that there isn’t a hell for Kissinger to go to. It’s times like this that I hope there is.

If there is any cosmic justice in this world — and I mean any — Kissinger is currently having his anal cavity probed by Satan’s trident. Forever and ever more.



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