UFO TRUTH EMBARGO: Someone, please send this insider’s account to Tucker

These are the top 6 reasons for
the UFO/UAP truth embargo

Submitted by A Long-time Ufologist

The following six explanations for the never-ending UFO truth embargo are presented in response to Tucker Carlson’s epic interview with Representative Tim Burchett (TN-02) posted below.

There is more unvarnished truth in that one video presentation about the unlawful UAP Truth Embargo — PROVIDED BY AN ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE — than any other in U.S. history, so be sure to watch it here: Why has the US government hidden the existence of UFOs for more than 80 years?

However, what was missing from that excellent video exposé were the real reasons for the longest and most intensive cover-up ever conducted by American officialdom.  Here are those top 6 reasons that few ever talk about even throughout the Disclosure movement.

(1) The US Federal Government has engaged in formal contracts and official agreements with evil ETs that are profoundly treasonous and which severely violate the human rights of Americans; hence, “Disclosure” would reveal this utterly odious treachery and turn the populace against the government.

(2) Much of the highly advanced UFO technology which has been reversed engineered over the years is being used for malevolent purposes, some even being used to further control and target the American people in quite nefarious ways.

(3) The Powers That Be who currently oversee the entire planetary civilization want all of humanity to believe that they are gods by virtue of their advanced technologies which have been given to them by the evil ETs; therefore, any revelations about UFO truth would immediately expose them as mere tools of EBEs from off-planetary civilizations who are far more intelligent and superior in terms of destructive weaponry.

(4) The Military Industrial Complex has a vested interest to never see those highly secret and sophisticated technologies ever revealed to the public because it gives them extraordinary power over the masses especially serving to distract the citizenry via UFO events which are mostly US military experiments using the reverse engineered tech.

(5) UFOs and Alien activity have been both witnessed and pointed out over millennia as evidenced by the archeological record and countless written accounts, so once the cover-up began, the costs associated with reversing it became more enormous and impractical by the year. 

(6) Every POTUS going back to 1900 has participated in this massive coverup which would not only implicate them and their respective administrations in a highly premeditated criminal conspiracy, it would also expose the US government to a tremendous amount of legal liability and financial damages for untold deaths and injuries related particularly to the abuse of various weapon technologies.   


The number one and ludicrous excuse, offered by governments around the world for decades as to why the truth embargo has never been lifted, is that We the People are not ready to hear it.

Oh, really?!?!

However, in light of how “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE”, it’s now abundantly clear that the US Government and Military Industrial Complex are the ones who are not ready for it.  They are especially not ready for the immense blowback after the decades of outrageous lies and deceitfulness, chicanery and corruption, mendacity and deception around this exceedingly weighty matter.

In fact, so desperate are the power elite to keep the Truth Embargo firmly in place that they will likely proceed in this manner, sometime in the not-too-distant future, to further distract from their perfidious cover-up:

GET READYfor the Greatest “Shock and Awe”
False Flag Operation in Human History!

A Long-time Ufologist
State of the Nation
December 1, 2023

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