BEWARE! The Zombie Apocalypse is their PLANdemic B


SOTN Editor’s Note: The following video presents the critical outlines of the long planned Zombie Apocalypse.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?! What Are These Highly Complex
Artificial Structures Photographed In The COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’

In view of the fact that much of the world is slowly waking up to the Covid ‘vaccine’ genocide, the NWO depopulation perpetrators knew they would need a Plan B.  And, that it was necessary to be a very scary and sufficiently captivating worldwide bioterror crisis whereby the producers of the global drama can say: “We told you so!”

In other words, that the next Plandemic would be much worse than the last one as they have repeatedly predicted. See: The “ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE” has begun (See video of a real zombie–Adult Content Warning!) & VAX-INDUCED ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BREAKS OUT INTO THE OPEN! (Video)

Given that their WW3 schemes have been dashed, the NWO globalist cabal required the biggest distraction they could conjure up which is none other than a PLANdemic B. See: “ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE”! Brought to you by the CDC

The only other way that the perps can escape widespread prosecution and severe punishment at this point for their highly premeditated mass murder of humanity is to execute a controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System.  However, even that HUGE distraction op has hit way too many major obstacles to be carried out at this time.  For example, the fierce resistance to the pivotal universal CBDC in many of the Republican-dominated states (as well as among many countries) alone has doomed the Great Reset, at least for now.

Remember, all they have is fear at this point.  They have nothing else in their bag of tricks but our willful ignorance and irrational anxiety about ‘viruses’ and ‘pandemics’.  At the end of the day, it is the fear of death that these inveterate fearmongers prey on the most.

State of the Nation
December 11, 2023

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