Now we really know why POTUS
Joe Biden was criminally
installed in the
White House!

State of the Nation

Let’s state the obvious: No politician — from either party — ever occupies the Oval Office unless they were put there by the forever warmongering banksters.

The patently criminal inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, 2021 is a perfect example of this stark and undeniable reality.

But why? Really? Why Biden?

There are obviously many significant reasons why the old and senile, demented and drug-addled Biden was specifically selected on Election Day 2020. All of them hinge on his life-long career marked by naked corruption and criminality, brazen malfeasance and misconduct, as well as sheer depravity and immorality.

All of these blackmailable qualities made Biden a perfect pawn of the warmongering banksters and ideal puppet for his NWO globalist masters. So did his proven career-long crime spree of pedophilia in public places as well as at home. See: Biden Incest & Pedophilia Confirmed: Ashley Biden’s Diary Legitimate

In point of fact, Biden was quite evidently chosen years ago for a particular task above all others. And, his extremely fraught relationship with the Ukraine indicates the nature of that highest-priority mission. See: VP Biden Commits High Crimes Via $1 Billion Bribery Coercion Scheme Against Ukraine Government

Once Biden’s handlers conned him into publicly admitting those high crimes of “governmental bribery/coercion” during prime time, the Zionist warmongers knew they had him exactly where they wanted him—between a rock and a hard place with only one way out—WAR!!!

Joe Biden: A Democrat

A retrospective analysis of the major wars that took place during the 20th century points directly to the following irrefutable historical facts.

Democrat presidents were deliberately selected by the New World Order cabal to start or declare American involvement in, and then aggressively prosecute, the World Wars and other major regional wars that have occurred since World War I.

The World Wars Are Always Set Up And
Prosecuted By Democratic Administrations

KEY POINT: That’s not to say that the MIC-owned and -operated Republican Party has not deceitfully started and prosecuted many unprovoked wars of naked aggressions as well.  Surely the forever warmongering GOP has as much blood on its hands as the Democrats do, which is why they are known collectively as the Uniparty.  However, the real trick surreptitiously used by the ZOG has been to get the Democrats to launch the biggest wars because they have always grossly but effectively misrepresented themselves as the party of peace.  Point being that if the DEMs press the war button, there must be a legitimate reason to expend so much blood and treasure to protect American interests.

Even when the United States did not ostensibly start any of those World Wars or major armed conflicts, it was always Democrat administrations which stealthily set up the global geopolitical chessboard for war-triggering hostilities to break out. As follows:

World War I — Democrat T. Woodrow Wilson

Bolshevik Revolution — Democrat T. Woodrow Wilson

World War II — Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt

World War II (2 Atom Bombs) — Democrat Harry S. Truman

Korean War — Democrat Harry S. Truman

Vietnam War — Democrat John F. Kennedy*

Vietnam War — Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson

The Balkan Wars — Democrat Bill Clinton

Ukraine War in Donbas — Democrat Barack Obama

Russo-Ukrainian War  — Democrat Joe Biden

Israel-Hamas War  — Democrat Joe Biden

“Predicted” World War III — Democrat Joe Biden

*After JFK realized he was deceived into prosecuting the Vietnam War he quickly attempted to terminate that ugly corporate war but with great consequence to himself.

What’s the exceedingly critical point going forward in 2024?

Biden is being used to trigger the hot phase of a full-scale Mideast War. Once that armed conflict commences, a full-blown World War III is but a single nuclear weapon deployment away, especially by Israel.  And, you can be sure that the Netanyahu’s Nazi regime will pull off some type of 9/11-level false flag terrorist operation in the USA in order to ‘deceive’ America into a war with Iran—their ultimate goal.


Wag the Dog

Wag the Dog was released one month before the outbreak of the Lewinsky scandal and the subsequent bombing of the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory in Sudan by the Clinton administration in August 1998, which prompted the media to draw comparisons between the film and reality. The comparison was also made in December 1998 when the administration initiated a bombing campaign of Iraq during Clinton’s impeachment trial over the Lewinsky scandal.” – Wikipedia

Never in U.S history has any POTUS ever needed a “wag the dog” moment as much as Joe Biden does in 2022—a pivotal midterm election year.

Of course, his precarious presidential predicament was fastidiously engineered by his hidden masters and ever-present handlers for this crucial phase of the New World Order implementation plan. What follows is an abridged list of political disasters and economic catastrophes engineered by the globalists during Biden’s calamitous first year in the Oval Office.

Here Biden is in 2023 with the worst REAL job approval ratings in POTUS history.

His highly embarrassing VP, Kamala Harris, is also experiencing the worst ever ratings; and they ought to be even lower if they were accurate.

The worst inflation rate ever in US history is going up, not down…and with no end in sight.

All of Biden’s dangerous and unconstitutional vaccine mandates are getting torpedoed one after another by federal judges and governors alike.

Supply chain disruptions are only increasing as is the unparalleled port congestion that is no longer being talked about.

The open borders letting in millions of illegal aliens, convicted criminals, drug dealers, drug lords, terrorists, anarchists, bolsheviks, mercenaries, spies and other foreign enemies was intentionally made even more porous by the Biden administration.

Biden’s Covid response in 2022 has been utterly disastrous by all accounts. His “Dark Winter” prognostication was issued as both an unprecedented POTUS threat and self-fulfilling prophecy. 

After outright stealing the 2020 election, at least half the body politic absolutely detests this POTUS imposter for transparently destroying the American Republic when he’s not even legitimate.

By pushing the communist-driven voting rights legislation so hard so that the Democrats never lose another election is another deceit that’s infuriating the electorate.  Permitting millions of illegal aliens into the country so they can vote Democrat is another act of presidential treason.

So is the Republic-demolishing Build Back Better Act which promises to irreparably bankrupt the USA after it morphs the nation into a marxist USSA where “A” stand for Amerika.

“Let’s go Brandon.”, which really means “Eff, Joe Biden!” has not only become world famous, it’s the most popular slogan/ meme in America today and for many more dire reasons such as the rapidly increasing National Debt which now stands at $33.17 Trillion.  

By the way, the forgoing list of Biden-made calamities and cataclysms only represents the tip of the massive iceberg toward which USS Biden is now heading toward.  Remember, the American people are its very unfortunate passengers.

Now we know why POTUS Imposter Joe Biden has been frantically WAGGING THE DOG in the Israel … just as Bill Clinton did in Iraq during his impeachment trial.


The Zionist Neocon cabal has stated over the decades that Iran must be completely subjugated if their New World Order agenda is to be successfully fulfilled. Their long-planned One World Government, headquartered in Jerusalem, can only become a reality with a totally subservient Iran, Turkey, Syrian and Lebanon.  Hence, the real target of the Israel-Hamas War is actually Iran as well as all of their client states which pose any real impediment to the Greater Israel project.

Toward that apocalyptic end, the hardcore Israeli Zionists in both Tel Aviv and Washington are hellbent on triggering their long-planned Armageddon.  Therefore, what we all really witnessing in today’s Middle Eastern theater of war is a slow-motion ratcheting up of religious hate and hostilities, political animosities and conflicts, as well as military acts of revenge and skirmishes, all designed to create a highly combustible powderkeg ready to explode at a predetermined moment. See: Massive U.S. Naval Deployments Hint at Another Agenda — NOT Israel

In this way, the genocidal Zionists intend to rearrange the entire Middle East according to their utterly fake biblical prophecies and manipulative predictions.  It’s true that the ever-conniving Khazarian fake jews don’t even believe in the coming of the Messiah this Third Millennium, much less the existence of the original Jesus the Christ from 2000 years ago.  For theirs is nothing but a perfidious paradigm of power and prevarication by which they plan to rule the entire planetary civilization from deep within their Synagogue of Satan.

State of the Nation
December 19, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: Just how serious is “THE MOST PERILOUS MOMENT OF THE THIRD MILLENNIUM“? The NWO globalist cabal desperately needs a distraction due to their rapidly collapsing Covid hoax. There’s no better distraction than war. And, because the whole of humanity was roped into the fake Plandemic, the Covid crime perpetrators know they need a World War III to sufficiently divert everyone’s attention. See: Fearful Power Elite + Failed Covid Plandemic = Distracting World War 3

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