Everything points to Japan being under a series of withering attacks as a warning not to……

…even think about leaving the New World Order reservation, except on pain of much death and destruction as follows.

“The 1/1/24 Japanese earthquake was clearly the work of a geoweapon … just like the devastating Turkey quakes were last year … and like the Fukushima quake and tsunami were on 3/11/11.”

(Source: JAPAN’S MASSIVE & HIGHLY DESTRUCTIVE EARTHQUAKE: What the MSM is not showing you—But why?! (Videos)

State of the Nation

For those who are not aware, Japan made a number of nuanced moves and subtle maneuvers over the course of 2023, each of them hinting at the distinct possibility that they would rather be friends with the BRICS-allied nations (and especially with Russia) than with the Zio-Anglo-American Axis countries such as the US and UK.

After all, Russia is their very big and powerful neighbor who they not only have to live with, but also can enjoy an extremely beneficial trade relationship with much as China and India are doing.

Japan also knows that being America’s bitch since World War II is not only getting very old, it’s getting very grating and extremely toilsome.  Hence, the moment of truth is slowly dawning on “the land of the rising sun”.


The Second Catastrophic event in two days indicating deliberate
attacks on Japan by the Zio-Anglo-American Axis after Tokyo….
.…dropped some serious clues that it’s ready to leave
the New World Order reservation.

So this is the way that Japan began the New Year ON JANUARY 1ST: First a devastating earthquake that has received very little MSM coverage given the true enormity and gravity of the event.

Then, that obvious geo-attack is immediately followed by a transparently engineered and shocking crash between as Coast Guard plane and a Japan Airlines jet in Tokyo on the very next day—January 2nd.

Incidentally, crashes like this “2024 Haneda Airport runway collision” simply don’t happen in Japan because of how carefully and efficiently they run their Airline Industry…and really only occur BY HIGHLY PURPOSEFUL DESIGN.


The Japanese have always been a major U.S. Treasury bondholder; and during these times of the slow-motion US dollar collapse, Tokyo’s commitment to US debt is desperately needed to prevent a Twin Towers-style free-fall collapse.

In point of fact, Japan is also being required to further accumulate US Treasuries throughout this exceedingly precarious period of de-dollarization by the entire BRICS Alliance and others.

As the entire planetary civilization prepares for the inevitable removal of the US petrodollar as the world’s reserve currency, every historical financial friend that America has cannot be lost.

One other salient point is that Japan’s HUGE move back to the East has also been hastened by the utterly horrific Israel-perpetrated genocide in Gaza.  Tokyo is quite cognizant of the fact that the United States has fully supported and enabled the ongoing Palestinian Holocaust.   They are also well aware of the very stealthy Gaza Land Grab and they don’t want to be associated with any part of it.

Having been on the receiving end of two unnecessary atomic bombings of civilian populations at the end of World War II, the people of Japan know how it feels to be savagely genocided.

State of the Nation
January 3, 2024



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