DODgate: Why, really, did Sec. Lloyd Austin go AWOL for nearly 5 days……

…without Biden or anyone else at
the White House being informed?!

Just askin’.

Like the entire U.S. Federal Government is asking and yet there still has been no satisfactory answer except possibly this one:

There’s something VERY WRONG with the
“Lloyd Austen hospitalization” story and
it must have something to do with……

Submitted by A Former U.S. Military Officer
SOTN Exlusive

First, folks need to understand that the charge of AWOL is taken very seriously throughout all 8 United States Uniformed Services.  As follow:

SECDEF Lloyd Austin went AWOL!

This story is right now developing very quickly as new facts are expected to be released this morning … however, the true back story will never be disclosed by officialdom; unless, of course it was made to happen ON PURPOSE.

But the aides were unable to say what led to the bizarre situation – from what Austin’s surgery involved, what the medical complications were and even his current condition.

The Pentagon declined to disclose any details about the surgery to, citing ‘medical and personal privacy issues’. ‘This has been an evolving situation,’ the spokesperson said.[1]

When any individual is appointed to a very high-profile Secretary-level position within the Executive Branch of the US government, they know they must relinquish a great degree of privacy.  Which is making many military folks with the DOD wonder whether the chief  LGBTQIA+ Pentagon promoter is up to something very BIG!

Is AWOLgate really about Sec. Lloyd Austin
secretly transitioning?


There is always infighting within the DOD between the various armed services and within each service.  Which leads us to the distinct possibility that someone wanted to rid of the eventual fall guy.

At is rudimentary stage if the investigation, it appears that this individual could end up being the patsy:

Deputy Defense Secretary – Who Was on Vacation in Puerto Rico–
Was NOT TOLD Lloyd Austin Was Hospitalized
When She Assumed His Duties

Really, how does even the Deputy DoD not even know that her boss is in the hospital when she assumed her acting duties?  WOW!!!


As for the actual timeline of  actual events and official accountability, which you will never read in the mainstream media, the following detailed report nails it all down with high authority.

Without any hyperbole whatsoever, the true facts surrounding this situation are absolutely astounding… and that’s coming from an ex-military officer who was once falsely accused of being AWOL.

Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin Was MIA for 5 Days;
How Come No One Noticed? 


The Lloyd Austin hospitalization intrigue has all the hallmarks of an assassination attempt.  After all, three whole days went by before the President and White House knew of the Secretary’s absence, which is completely unacceptable and unheard of under any circumstances.

In point of fact, there is simply no other explanation for a Secretary of Defense to not inform his immediate superior in the chain of command — the POTUS — that he will be absent from his position and, therefore, unable to perform his critical military duties and political responsibilities, especially while two major wars are going on, both of which have required the full support of the Pentagon (and have been secretly receiving direct assistance from the U.S. Armed Forces)”
(Source: Was Sec. Lloyd Austin the victim of an assassination attempt?)


“If the SecDef had a serious case of vaxx-induced myocarditis he’d want to keep it secret given that he forced out thousands of soldiers who refused the vaxx. He’d also not want to admit to himself or others he was tricked into taking the vaxx.”

Comment posted by Holden Cawfield

KEY POINT: Did Sec. Lloyd Austin SUDDENLY have a heart event, stroke or other Covid vaccine-induced medical emergency that pushed him quickly into a serious hospitalization to save his life?


British intelligence services release propaganda about Secretary of Defense Austin being killed by a Russian missile strike in Ukraine…..


The Department of Defense under the leadership of Secretary Lloyd Austin has been accused of committing treason and genocide.


Next the genocide: 231 Military Officers, Senior Enlisted & Veterans Sign Scathing Indictment Against DOD Top Brass Starting With DOD Secretary Austin…..

What better scapegoat to target than Lloyd Austin, who could be plausibly blamed for the entire military Covid vaccine clusterf*ck, after he’s been stealthily offed.

To be continued—

A Former U.S. Military Officer
State of the Nation
January 8, 2024


[1] Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will NOT lose job despite going AWOL

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