EPSTEINgate: Hard evidence now proves this highly organized and complex scheme was a MOSSAD-controlled honeytrap and blackmail operation……

…designed to bribe and blackmail, coerce and
extort, intimidate and threaten, browbeat and
bully, compel and influence every single member
of the U.S. Congress to always vote for legislation
favorable to Israel.

State of the Nation

Many readers know that SOTN has covered the Epstein story as much as we covered  “Pizzagate & Pedogate”.  In fact, the meme — “Epstein did kill himself” — was first posted here a couple of hours after his fake suicide was first reported by CIA’s Mockingbird Media on Saturday morning, August 10, 2019. (See screenshot and link below)

But what’s the critical point, which been lost with the ongoing release of the court docs related to the most radioactive criminal case in U.S. history?!

and quite likely living happily in Israel.

And the following submitted testimony will provide some crucial perspective.

“I was incarcerated as an inmate awaiting trial in a county jail in New York very similar to Jeff Epstein’s situation. For reasons that are too long to explain here, the jail had me under suicide watch because my case was so HUGE at the time. They had me under such close observation that I could not even pee in my cell toilet without the whole jail staff watching my every move. Not only that, but they stripped me of every single possible means of killing myself. They wouldn’t even let me have a short strand of dental floss after eating. Belts were out of the question as was plastic silverware. Look it, I was certainly not a “Jeffrey Epstein” and yet the jail guards and nurses and other administrators were hovering all over me likes flies on a cow-patty. Every single moment on suicide watch was like living the nightmare of the Truman show. Given the multiple wide-angle cameras in those specially equipped observation cells, I was on TV—24/7! Oh, and by the way, once you’re put on suicide watch for cause, you’re always on suicide watch in jail. What’s the point? Epstein didn’t commit suicide. Either he was murdered by the prison staff like the medical personnel, allowed to be killed by a stealthy CIA assassination setup or he’s been whisked away to Israel where he will continue his Pedogate psyop under the dark cover of Mossad. Case flippin’ closed ! ! !
(Source: #Epsteindidntkillhimself)

It’s entirely true that the Jeffrey Epstein case is the single BIGGEST revealer of the Third Millennium, which has completely blown the lid off of the MOSSAD’s primary control mechanism by which Israel has gotten away with controlling the U.S. Federal Government and American politics practically forever.

While the release of the court documents in the Sarah Ransome sexual abuse case against Epstein has been slow and fitful, what has already been disclosed clearly indicates the nefarious purposes behind what is perhaps the most powerful and pervasive state-sponsored honeytrap operation in world history. As follows:

VIEW HERE: NEW Court Docs Prove Jeffrey Epstein
was ‘SuperSpy’ for Israel [Smoking Gun Evidence]

State of the Nation
January 10, 2024

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