SOTN Editor’s Note: The Communist-run Uniparty finally takes off the gloves after years of extremely desperate and unparalleled lawfare waged against President Trump.  In point of fact, the incitement of assassination of Trump posted below reflects the commencement of the violent “bolshevik phase” in this ongoing Second American Revolution.

The nakedly treasonous and treacherous Left has thus far tried everything to remove Trump from the 2024 ballot without success.  Now we know that Trump Derangement Syndrome is truly a very serious mental illness which means that the countless powerful and influential TDS sufferers WILL STOP AT NOTHING until the legitimate POTUS is completely neutralized.

That effectively means one-of-four hoped for eventualities by the Democrat Party, the RINOs, the Never Trumpers, Deep State, Washington Establishment, U.S. Intel Community, Mainstream Media, Woke Corporate America, NWO Cabal etc. will take place post-haste.

All of those institutional traitors to the Republic want Donald Trump either in prison, in a mental institution, in a hospital long-term care unit for the irreversibly incapacitated, OR DEAD.

Tucker Carlson Says He Fears
for Trump’s Assassination

Given the rapidly closing window between now and Election Day, it’s clear that assassination in on the table as never before.  The last thing the New World Order globalist cabal will tolerate is Trump giving his Inaugural Address on January 20, 2025.  And, they will attempt to prevent that BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

State of the Nation
January 22, 2024

N.B. What’s quite striking about the following threat against Trump is that the perfidious perps believe they can issue them with absolute impunity.

Alex Soros Tweets Out Bullet Hole and 47 — A Direct Violent Threat to Donald Trump!

By Jim Hoft

Bullet hole and “47” – Alex Soros threatens President Trump. They want him gone. (Screenshot: Alex Soros/X)

They want him gone – no matter the cost.

President Trump is up in the polls, and the Republican base is coalescing around him. DeSantis, his most formidable primary challenger, dropped from the race and endorsed President Trump on Sunday.

The globalist elites are in a panic. Trump is the greatest threat to their power over humanity in the civilized world. Something must be done.

Alex Soros tweeted out an obvious threat against President Trump on Sunday evening.

Alex Soros is currently facing scrutiny due to his recent tweet sharing a post from the far-left The Atlantic that features a bullet hole and a sum of $47.

“Last year, the crime and inflation crises largely evaporated. So did the leading theories about what had caused them,” the caption reads.

Alex is the son of George Soros and the Chair of the Open Society, the largest donor to Democrat politics.

Here’s an excerpt from The Atlantic:

According to Gallup, 77 percent of Americans believe there is more crime in the U.S. than there was a year ago. Economic sentiment has begun to tick up, but it is still near the lowest levels on record. This may help explain Donald Trump’s strength in electoral polls. A recent Wall Street Journal survey found that U.S. voters overwhelmingly believe that Trump will do a better job than Joe Biden when it comes to the economy (52 percent to 35 percent), inflation (51 percent to 30 percent), and crime (47 percent to 30 percent). Voters seem to be yearning for a return to the normalcy of pre-pandemic times, and Trump is promising to give it to them.

The absurdity of Trump as the normalcy candidate is almost too much to bear—especially because the normalcy that voters are desperately craving is, in many ways, already here, and Biden helped deliver it.

The Conservative Treehouse reported:

Alex Soros, the son of George Soros, sends a message via his Twitter account that is troubling.

Being subtle like a brick through a window the billionaire leftist posts a picture of a “Bullet Hole” and “$47.”

President Donald Trump is going to be the 47th President



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