IT’S WARFinally!!!

SOTN Editor’s Note: Truly, this is the defining moment of the Second American Revolution we’ve all been waiting for.

However, and it’s a HUGE “However”, we really don’t know if the Texas State Government is ready to go balls to the wall.

The letter posted below and written by Gov. Greg Abbott does not show an addressee.

Why didn’t the Governor send that explosive missive directly to Biden, with a copy to all of his direct reports?

Nevertheless, the statement that Abbott wrote is as big as it gets as the following analysis explains:


KEY POINT: Greg Abbott has been governor for 9 long years and has allowed a nonstop invasion of illegal aliens across the Texas border over both terms in office.  The historical record indicates that he has done virtually nothing to halt that invasion (just a LOT of lip service).  Hence, it remains to be seen if this state initiative is real or just an attempt to pacify the border residents of Texas who are literally under daily attack.  Given the sheer enormity and gravity of that never-ending intrusion on Abbott’s watch, he should have been impeached years ago.  And shame on the people of Texas for permitting his outright criminal negligence, gross dereliction of duty, and transparent maladministration of his official duties.

State of the Nation
January 25, 2024

N.B. The key phrase in the following statement is broken down here: Texas Governor Declares Federal Government has “Broken the Compact” with the States. INVOKES INVASION CLAUSE, Asserts Right to Self Defense


We’re afraid that the following very astute comment is the actual treacherous scheme to transport the bankster-paid mercs and terrorists across the USA by stealth…for the purpose of manning the long-planned “American Bolshevik Revolution”.

What if these “actions” are triggers for other events to kickoff? I guess they have some 6 million illegals in now and abbott bussed them all over the country for free. Nothing like controlling the narrative to pretend he was screwing sanctuary cities instead of facilitating the illegals reaching their target locations, I guess people have become so dumb they no longer think and just drink the kool-aid with everyone else.

— Posted by aClue


BEWARE, TEXAS!!! Just like the FEDs set up the fake ‘J6 Insurrection’, the explosive border crisis can be…….similarly hijacked by the treacherous and traitorous Biden administration to further disparage the MAGA Movement and criminalizeall protests against their nakedly treasonous and unlawful alien invasion.

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